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Aori Life-Sized Cardboard Cutout for 21,000 yen

info_130716a_title I’ve never seen these been sold before but they’re the character cardboard cutouts that you see at shop fronts. This company wants to sell you “life-sized panels” of Aori from Hitotsu Tobashi Ren’ai and also Mayo from Ren’ai 0 Kilometer for 21,000 yen a piece. (or USD$210.00!!)

2013-07-18 16_14_35-『恋愛0キロメートル 木ノ本マヨVer.』&『ひとつ飛ばし恋愛 園原碧里ver.』立体マウスパッド&等身大パネル!!完全受注生産にて予約受付開始! _ 桜ノ杜ぶ 2013-07-18 16_15_03-『恋愛0キロメートル 木ノ本マヨVer.』&『ひとつ飛ばし恋愛 園原碧里ver.』立体マウスパッド&等身大パネル!!完全受注生産にて予約受付開始! _ 桜ノ杜ぶ
Buy here for Aori. (free shipping) 
and here for Mayo. (free shipping)

It’s a nice change from the usual “life-sized” tapestry merchandise (which is usually not life-sized, they’re always out of scale), but that asking price!
also there is the risk of damage in transit. Pre-order dates start 17th and end 28th of July. No cancellations. Maybe Tenso would be willing to do it. Not sure if willing to ship overseas. (Probably not)

201305230207116a7 20130523020710242 ^ it’s the kouhai girl from ひとつ飛ばし恋愛


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10 years ago

See I bought that Shizuru T-shirt a while back for I don’t even remember how much. But a cardboard cutout….for 21,000 yen? I hate myself for almost buying one.