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DanganRonpa (the game) Licensed by NISA! Will this affect the fan translation of the sequel?

2013-07-07 10_34_44-ダンガンロンパ1・2 Reload Surprise news to me. Dangan Ronpa the PS Vita game got licensed by NISA. [] [] The interesting thing is, dangan ronpa isn’t out on the Vita yet in Japan, instead there is an upcoming Japan Vita version release called Dangan Ronpa 1&2 Reload, which has both game1 and game2 packed in. BUT. The version that NISA will release is JUST dangan ronpa 1. Chopping out two. However, there is new content being featured on the Reload version of the game, so they might make it into the Western release. Full title: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Slated for Early 2014. On an unlikely platform 🙁

There is a fan translation of the 1st game which was completed by Project Zetsubou just two weeks ago. So I’m very happy that NISA didn’t C&D them like other companies would have done. I’m not sure if NISA will reuse the scripts already released by the fan team?  I’m also not sure if this will affect the fan team from doing Dangan Ronpa 2 the sequel. (it might)


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10 years ago

p4g, any atelier games that may come out on vita, FF X, and now Demon Gaze and dangan ronpa, not to mention all the psx games i still haven’t played makes me really happy that i bought my vita.

Reply to  Jim
10 years ago

Don’t forget the Ys series, Ys: Memories of Celceta. Though Xseed is way behind in the Eiyuu Densetsu series if they even decide to continue translating that series, that series is getting released on the PS Vita too I imagine at least in Japan.

10 years ago

Only releasing the first game sounds like a bad move on their part, I have a feeling that a lot of people are going to be dissatisfied with that, especially since in the internet age we know that we’re going to be losing such a high amount of content. If they plan to charge $40 for each title, I can’t imagine their sales will be all that high.

Reply to  Twitchycolt
10 years ago

I’m sure they’re doing it with the intent to release the sequel after. Total money grab, but hey, it’s the standard these days.

10 years ago

wait wait wait wait wait…..

youre phrasing it wrong, it’s actually a very risky project to do dangan ronpa commercially at all, let alone finding the demand for a sequel.

in fact it would be a miracle if they managed to do the sequel.

10 years ago

This is bad news imo.

1.) The fan translation was just recently released, so the diehard players who wanted to play the game will have already played it.

2.) This likely WILL effect the fan translation of the second game. It’s one thing to C&D a translation that has been in the works for years, but to C&D a translation that is commencing? That’s a no brainer.

3.) The first game ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger, so people are going to be really ticked if they can’t play the second game.

4.) I need a PS Vita to play this localization? No thanks.

10 years ago

NISA’s response on the fan translation.

Reply to  kanade2
10 years ago

some reason the link is broken
i did a search , was this the one?

10 years ago

Well at least I have a reason to buy a Vita now. I hope they either keep the original voices or have an option to switch b/w English and Japanese.

Reply to  Daeyamati
10 years ago

NISA seems to always include both Japanese and English audio. I’ve played a bunch of their games and all of them had dual audio.

10 years ago

[…] channel for Dangan Ronpa Reload 1/2 on PS Vita. The higher res looks great. There is an upcoming NISA release of the first part of this game, chopping out the 2nd part. [via ANN] [Also see Official […]