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Kotaku Review of If My Heart Had Wings (by Richard Eisenbeis)

ku-xlarge ^ That towel is completely opaque!

RICHARD EISENBEIS from kotaku reviewed If My Heart Had Wings: []

“Like many Japanese visual novels, If My Heart Had Wings had several explicit sex scenes upon its original release in Japan. However, all of these scenes have been cut wholesale from the game and additional nude or risque scenes have been heavily edited in the Western version.

Some of these edits result in scenes that seem silly in context—like a girl inexplicably wearing a full body towel while bathing alone (and holding a separate bath towel) or describing one of the female character’s “big round eyes” while the camera and spoken Japanese dialogue are clearly focused on her chest.

Still, edits or no, the meat of the story itself seems largely unaffected by these cuts and its emotional resonance remains superb.”

179724_394550810663863_1821509960_n “(Overall) If My Heart Had Wings really is an excellent visual novel. If you enjoy a good, romantic, slice-of-life story from time to time or have ever dreamed of flying above the clouds, this game won’t let you down.” 
– Richard Eisenbeis
[full review here]

Really surprised no mentioning the skewered english in the game. Some parts of the story were unintelligible because of the translation, it would be difficult to not notice it on a playthrough. Overall a very normal review. I don’t disagree with anything except that the 3D was not really the most urgent thing that needed mentioning.ku-xlarge (1)


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10 years ago

“The occasional typo” is such an inadequate way to put it.

Reply to  Lifesongsoa
10 years ago

Understatement of the year. I don’t remember how far I got into the unedited restoration patch but I just had to stop because it was that painful at times.

10 years ago

I have finished Kotori,Yoru and Asa route but their trans have too many mistake. When restoration patch complete i’ll read it one more time 🙂

10 years ago
Reply to  Pepe
10 years ago

Not mentioning the censorship and heavy editing in this review that you like is a big fail.

Reply to  Pepe
10 years ago

I’m pretty confused by your comment. If you’re referring to the author not mentioning the heavy editing, I think he clears it up in the comments section: “Good looking out, Kanasuke. I’ll have to check out the patch. As for not mentioning the removal of those aspects in the review, that was an intentional decision, as I’m reviewing the game as it is, not what may or may not have been cut. Unfortunately, I can’t review a portion of the game that simply wasn’t there.”

10 years ago

Kotori is really cute. ^^

10 years ago

Not a word about censorship in English version (even though there’s info about OCCASIONAL typos… occasional my ass).

Who wrote this sh-

Oh, it’s kotaku. No surprises here!

10 years ago

I decided to wait for the completely finished restoration patch (fixing the broken english + current patch etc etc) before I read this, mainly because I feel as if I will grow to dislike it in it’s current state and I find it difficult for myself to read one visual novel twice in a few months. I’ve waited patiently for many many many other visual novel translations to be done, and I am in no hurry to wait for the better patch to be released.

Reply to  Charg
10 years ago

And I just realized I said “I’m in no hurry to wait,” let’s just assume it says something along the lines of “I can wait.”