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To Heart Heartful Party – first official guide book 128 pages 1,575 yen

BPbW9P1CQAAy6BY  “To Heart Heartful Party–first official guide book” coming out on August the 12th for 1,575 yen. Has 128 pages. Buy: [] <— no need to use proxy, they ship internationally. It’s main point is the artwork that were only available for the game, but now printed on paper (good for scanners). Also comes with 3 item codes.

To Heart Heartful Party is a social game for mobile phones apparently. Available on Android, iPhone and galake. And it looks like there is no App? You just enter a URL:
[this one] and then it should work (but needs a yahoo account). You can also play on browser on PC.


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10 years ago

[…] Heartful Days is the To Heart social game for android, iphone and galake. [see blog post] […]