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Doujin Visual Novel “Miko Gakkou Monogatari – Sanae Episode” Available in English… on PS Vita

logo_big (Update: btw i just found a review of the english game here) There’s a doujin VN called “Miko Gakkou Monogatari : Sanae Episode” available in English on the……….. Playstation Mobile! Which means only PS Vita or playstation certified devices can play it. [Official Site /] The game is fully voiced and physical copy is being sold at Comiket 84: 東ホ55a.

Digital copy available on: iOS (where’s the link?), Android (200yen), and PC version sold at DLSite (525 yen), and PSVita (300円).

Quote fromthis page
English PSVita and Android version: $3.29/£2.59 Get it on PlayStation Mobile Notice: Because of publisher guidelines, some contents are different from the PC version.

I have no idea why they only published on PS Vita and no idea if the quality of the translation is any good. There is a demo of the game available here: [ in japanese] thx Sakamoto_Neko for pointing it out.

Some Screenshots:
logo_bigasd mikostory1-01 mikostory1-02 mikostory1-03 mikostory1-04 mikostory1-05 mikostory1-06 mikostory1-10 mikostory1-11 mikostory1-12 mikostory1-13


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Infernal Monkey
10 years ago

I bought this on PlayStation Mobile a few weeks back, and I can’t really recommend it. There’s barely any story to it, no choices to be made and the end credits roll after only an hour or so.

I mean, it’s really nice that it was translated and released in the first place, but eh, it’s just so boring. The quality of the translation is pretty good though!