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Live2D Cubism $500+ license program open for Westerners – Build expressive interactive 2D model from any 2D object

en_cubismImageThey’re offering Live2D tech for westerners to license.
update: soon, english beta scheduled for Summer 2013. See Official Site.
Completely proprietary and non-free software. Very expensive, it’s $500 and upward, per title, per platform IF YOU ARE A STUDENT, and for small businesses they charge $4000 and up. ‘Regular’ price is $6000 and up. So this is intended for professional use only but I wonder if they will let hobbyist buy it and publish non-commercial stuff at a reduced price? It is a very impressive tech though. It’s the same tech used by a lot of VN games on the PS Vita (such as Oregairu). It’s not the same tech as Oreimo on PSP. Please leak it anonymously. someone!

Live2D Cubism Editor – Modeler The Modeling Tool
Build an expressive interactive 2D model from any 2D object.showImage1
2D Polygon Mapping

Live2D model is composed of texture assets. Each texture asset is mapped with editable 2D polygons specific to its shape. Manual mapping and manipulation of 2D polygons can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, but Cubism Modeler is equipped with powerful efficiency tools including Magnetic Mapping and Dust Removal which substantially speed up the mapping task. []


Live2D Cubism Editor – Animator The Animation Tool
Direct your Live2D model to move, perform, and act.
Animation Tool Dedicated to Live2D Model

Once a Live2D model is created with Cubism Modeler, import the Live2D model(s) into Animator’s timeline to configure and program movements (motion tracks) using motion parameters associated with each specific Live2D model. Cubism Animator lets you create motion tracks with familiar user interfaces, such as visual animation tools, keyframe-based timelines, and a stage where you can drag-and-drop models. It also has interactive functionalities including Auto Lip-sync, in which Cubism Animator automatically generates lip movements according to an external voice file assigned. []

thx to whoever posted it in the comments.


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10 years ago

The last picture. *Cough* Barcode Kanojo *Cough*

10 years ago

Looks like the technology works like I thought it did. Thanks for the link.

10 years ago

Amazing! I was waiting for this to come out, and now it does 😀 Thanks for the news Aaeru ^^