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Steins;Gate Now Available on Android (in JP)

2013-08-09 19_32_30-STEINS;GATE - Android Apps on Google Play Steins;Gate finally available for Android. [Google Play] <—japanese only! [via Visually Neko.]

”Same treatment as Chaos;Head though: 1st chapter is free, the rest are in-app purchases. Hopefully Lolgc (who did the Steins;Gate iOS patch) would do the English patch for this as well~” – Sakamoto_Neko

Thanks for the heads up via Sakamoto_Neko. Hoping someone can port the existing translation to Android. There is an official translation coming via JAST USA if you didn’t know.
2013-08-09 19_36_50-STEINS;GATE - Android Apps on Google Play


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10 years ago

Actually I’m kind of finished porting existing translation from iOS

Reply to  aloneunix
10 years ago

Tried to install it on VMWare two weeks ago – wouldn’t let it run, though.
Knowing that you are making the translation patch, it seems that Steins;Gate doesn’t use any encryption.
If you use our patch as the base, we would appreciate credits^^

— I’ll finish VN4ALL first and then come back to Chaos;Head Noah for iOS & then maybe Chaos;Head, as I was able to install it

Reply to  aloneunix
10 years ago

Yeah, you’re right, it is based on yours patch and credits will surely be.

> it seems that Steins;Gate doesn’t use any encryption
On the contrary, S;G for Android encrypted by the method unknown for me, but that didn’t stop me and as result you can see this photo attached at the upper comment.

— Good luck with VN4ALL!

Reply to  aloneunix
10 years ago

Nice job doing the patch for Android devices! When will you be releasing it to the public?

Reply to  aloneunix
10 years ago

Sakamoto_Neko, I’ll release it as soon as possible at my new blog – .
Currently I have a few things to do: fix the word wrap in the script manually; translate the system messages (actually I don’t know Japanese at all and I use online-translators to understand the sentences. If anyone who knows this language wants to help me with it, I will be glad), and other small fixes.
There is one more thing I want to say. First patch will be only for a preview-version (not paid), because I don’t have a free 3000円.

10 years ago