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Ate the Moon Translations: Ikikoi Release


Hey everybody, Tay here.  The folks over at Ate the Moon Translations have decided to release their work on Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru (Ikikoi).  According to the release notes:

Do note that although it’s completely translated into English, the editing is incomplete, and the efforts invested in this game vary. It’s clearly not a proper “release”, but more of a “giving up” on finishing this. This is a decision made at the end of October after roughly 2 months of stagnation, when it has became clear that this project will not be going anywhere.

Due to the substandard quality, it’s advised that those who will feel infuriated by bad English should avoid this. For quality reference, I’d say the unedited portion is it’s at the same level as Sono Hanabira 3 and 5, if you’d read that, you’ll be fine. Even though we’re unable to finish this to the end, I still hope that some of you can be able to enjoy it, or at least enjoy parts of it.

We’d like to thank Ate the Moon for their work, and for releasing this patch.  For those interested in playing the game, please see their instructions on the announcement page.


Ate the Moon Translations: Ikikoi Release Announcement

Ikikoi: VNDB


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10 years ago

Art looks nice, I might have to give this a read at some point in the future.

Reply to  Flutterz
10 years ago

Please tudireikouki

10 years ago

as long as the english is understandable it’s ok for me. hell, i actually finished the train-wrecking, blind-idiot machine translations that is Flyable Heart & Kiminago…btw, congrats on finishing the project & thanks for releasing it to us VN junkies even if it’s not completely finished…^^

10 years ago

So… how exactly do I know if I f’ed it up? I’m guessing I did since even in local Japanese, the title of the VN is messed up. Game won’t even run without local Japanese either…

10 years ago

“It’s clearly not a proper ‘release’, but more of a ‘giving up’ on finishing this. ”

lol well uhh, I guess it’s better than nothing. Now I’m waiting for Yandare Translations to release the incomplete Miyako patch.

Reply to  ReMeDy
10 years ago

Yandere already gave up and quit, up to fans now

Lord Zero
10 years ago

As long as is readeable is enough for me.

10 years ago

“completely translated in english” so why is the main menu and settings menu still in japanese? i can’t even read it to set my stuff v.v

10 years ago

Think I’ll hold out for a pre-patched version, if one ever comes. I’ve never had any luck with manually patching programs with Wine on Linux.

10 years ago

My opinion is that the game is for male masochists who like being verbally-abused by four tsunderes. The plot is pretty non-existent in this one and it relies on small gags and cliches. I would liken this to “My Girlfriend is the President” in terms of plot.

10 years ago

I have tried this and there’s some defect. The text and CV doesn’t match at some event.

10 years ago

Tsumugu is just adorable, especially during her route when she talks about references and stuff. Haha those who cleared the route would know what I mean.