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Higanbana – The Second Night Patch Release Date, Postponed!

Spider Lily


Just yesterday, Spider Lily Translations officially announced that they would be releasing the translation patch for Higanbana Second Night this Sunday. However, early this morning, Yirba retracted that statement and announced that it would be delayed. Here are some quotes from that official blog post:

Yesterday, I announced that we’d be releasing our English translation patch for Higanbana – The Second Night on Sunday. However, I (along with other members of Spider Lily Translations) have now decided to postpone the release.

I know this won’t satisfy everyone, but what I can say is that the patch will be much helped by the delay, and that your experience using it will be significantly improved.

So, when will the patch be released? …I don’t know. It’s not that I’m withholding that information — I genuinely don’t know. I’m sure you all want the patch to be released as soon as possible, and I feel the same way. Still, if I were pressed for an answer, I’d give a rough answer of “this Winter”. It’s difficult to estimate how long it will take until we’re finally ready to release the patch, but I’ll be sure to give you more concrete details as soon as I have them.

(Further questions about this change can be asked by emailing Yirba at: [email protected])

As it stands, a good many expecting visual novel fanatics who purchased this game to make it in time for this release will be nothing short of disappointed, angry, or sad. However, the improvements that will be made to the patch, and the richer game experience that will come as a result will surely outweigh this disappointing news. Visual Novel Aer encourages that all of the Higanbana fans lend Spider Lily Translations their encouragement in the days to come, and support for all their efforts!


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10 years ago

It’s better to make your patching progress transparent, rather than making promises you cannot keep.

That tends to make people either paranoid or it damages your brand/reputation.

Game release announcements are made for marketing reasons, primarily, to drive up hype and to set schedules. If you have no schedule, no market to profit from or advertisement to pay for… what’s the point of a release date?

If people are clamoring for news, they don’t want a release date. They just want some crumbs, to see some actual progress and make their own estimates of when it will be done. Let them do so, and if it turns out to be wrong, at least it was them.