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Spider Lilly: Higanbana Second Night Coming on Sunday?


Hey everybody, Tay here.  According to a tweet by Jisa and a countdown timer on the Spider Lilly Translations site, it appears that we’ll soon be treated to a patch of Higanbana Second Night!  Quoting from the group’s website:

To read Higanbana in English, you will first need to purchase the Japanese version of the software. Then, download and install our free English language patch.

07th Expansion is an independent studio that relies on the support of fans to survive. Spider Lily Translations does not condone the illegal acquisition of their games, so please encourage the great people who created these amazing stories by purchasing a copy!

There’s not much time!  Go buy a copy!  (Thanks to Zakamutt and Nosebleed for bringing this to my attention)

Spider Lilly Translations: Website


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