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Rewrite PSP Port – Official Release Date & Details

We were told last year that Key would be porting Rewrite to the PSP and PS Vita. It took them a while, but we finally have some new information regarding the PSP release of the VN. Last week, Key officially announced the release date and additional details for the PSP port of Rewrite. The official release date is set for Thursday, April the 17th, and will set you back 5800JPY.

Some characters that were previously unvoiced will have voices added as with most secondary releases from Key. These characters are voiced by: Rei Sakuma, Hikaru Midorikawa, Kikuko Inoue and Kenji Nojima. Kotarou will be the only character not getting the full voice treatment as stated on the product site.

The PSP port of Rewrite will also include some features not found on the PC version of Rewrite. Bundled along with the PSP version of Rewrite is a Drama CD titled [小さな幸せを求めて] (Searching for a little happiness).  Featured in the included drama CD are Kotarou and Kotori, who discover a treasure map from the disbanded “Treasure Hunting Club”. The two of them decide to go on a search for this hidden treasure.

In addition to the full voice treatment and the drama CD, Inoue from the Kazamatsuri Academy Newspaper Club will have a character sprite. (She only had a sprite in Rewrite Harvest Festa!)

Rewrite for the PSP will come on two UMDs, the first one can be installed directly onto the memory stick, and left at home. While the second UMD will be required in order to play the game.

The system will also allow for screenshots to be taken at any time and saved in storage. This opens up the possibility of taking screenshots and using them as backgrounds, or just having them stored for later viewing.

Ordering from certain sites such as Ami Ami, Chara-Ani, or Neowing will come with the usual goodies; ranging from telephone cards to posters.

Source: Key Press Release & Rewrite PSP Product Site


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10 years ago

“Inoue from the Kazamatsuri Academy Newspaper Club will have a character sprite.”

God, they should have done that for the original. Why have somewhat important character left without a sprite. So lazy. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

I hope someone patches the PSP voices for the PC. 😛

Reply to  Kenshin_sama
10 years ago

Well, A-chan and Mutsu and a few others in LB also never got a sprite. Can’t say I’m too surprised by that. At least they gave her a sprite in Harvest Festa!

10 years ago

Wow nice i hope somebody patch this to PC,like they did to Little Busters.
I always imagined inoue like nerdy glasses type character.

Reply to  Inoue
10 years ago

What are you saying? The PC version is already patched O.o

Reply to  Inoue
10 years ago

I’m assuming they mean adding the voices, sprites, and new content back onto the PC version.

10 years ago

Time to prepare my pirate ship…

10 years ago

wow i haven’t even started the pc version 😀 good news <3

10 years ago

Cool, hope some group will be translating it

10 years ago

Another VN not getting localized to add to the others 2000 on the PSP library.

10 years ago

Hopefully someone wil patch it like how there doing with little busters converted edition. The games already fully translated on the pc version so it should be fine

10 years ago

i hope so.I really cant wait to play this one ^_^

Perry Como
10 years ago

A mysterious message coming from nowhere…

10 years ago

Someone should translate the PSP version to the english… I really want to play a VN on my PSP T_T