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VN Translation Status (22/06/2014)

It’s that time again, that time when VNTS posts on 4chan and I run a replace command on greater than arrows. I blame getting a bit bored with LLSIF for the post actually being on time. I’d better start reading Ayakashibito more so this doesn’t happen again next week, that would be terrible.

Entries in green have progressed since last week.

12Riven- 39.5/72 scripts translated, 3/75 scripts edited
Air (Gao Gao)- Released 2nd Beta patch and 45% through QC
Amaenbo – Being translated
Amagami – 1st day patch Released for PS2/PSP, “475/1966 original edition scenario scripts translated (24.1%)”
Amairo IsleNauts – prologue fully translated, common route 95% translated
Anniversary no Kuni no Alice – 49% translated, 27% edited
Aoiro Rinne – “Translation progress: roughly 53% (588 KB of 1.12 MB)”
Cannonball – 36243/36902 (98.21%) lines translated
Chichi Miko Plus 1 – Fully translated and edited
Clover Day’s – 266/648 KB of the common route + 37/722 KB of a route translated
Cocoro Function – 13941/53644 (25.99%) lines translated
Comyu – 47569/51433 (92.49%) lines translated, Second partial patch out
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- 100% translated, script 74.6% validated, Full patch with unvalidated text released
Flyable Heart- 14.61% translated in new translation project
Fortune Arterial- Prologue completly translated, patches for Shiro, Kiriha and Kanade routes released. Erika route 65% done. Haruna route 80% done.
Fukai ni Nemuru Oujo no Abaddon – translation started
Galzoo Island – Being translated
Grisaia no Meikyuu – 208/2797 (7.44%) KB translated, 140/2797 (5.00%) edited
Haruka Na Sora – Sora 11.29% translated, Kozue 23.73% translated
Hatsuyuki Sakura – 19.4% (7525/38793) lines translated
Kichikuou Rance – 77.7% translated and edited
Killer Queen: all scripts translated and 35/72 scripts edited, plans also include translating Secret Game and Rebellion
Koi iro Chu Lips – Released
Koichoco- 390/397 files translated, 208/397 files edited, Common/Chisato/Satsuki/Michiru routes fully translated, Common + Chisato patch released
Koiken Otome – 73.34% translated, 40.32% edited, prologue patch released
Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort – 12142/36312 (33.43%) lines translated
Kourin no Machi – 18361/36959 (49.6%) lines translated
Kud Wafter – 11415/33132 (34.45%) lines translated
Kurukuru Fanatic – 54.5% translated
Lamune – Common route and Nanami route fully translated and edited
Little Busters EX – Sasami/Kanata routes fully translated, Kanata route TLC at 14.44% (1100/7617).
Mahoutsukai no Yoru – Fully translated, in TLC
Muv-Luv Altered Fable – 65% partial patch released
Oreimo PSP – 290/299 scripts translated, 158/299 through TLC+Editing, 158/299 scripts finalized, Kirino + Ayase partial patch released
Oreimo Tsuzuku – Youtube based project, Kirino part 26, Ayase part 23
Otomaid Cafe – 63.9% translated
PersonA – 36% translated
Princess Maker 5- 91.4% translated, 37.1% finalized
Pure Pure- Fully translated, 77.26% edited, 64.60% ready for testing
Rance Quest – 9.39% messages and 48.11% strings translated
Rose Guns Days 3 – 60% translated and edited
Sayonara wo Oshiete – 3341/14309 (23.3%) lines translated
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo 9- Fully translated and edited
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo 10- 17/18 scripts translated
SubaHibi – Down the Rabbit Hole I patch released, 47664/53520 (89.0%) lines translated and 40597/53520 (75.9%) lines edited
Sukisho! – First Limit – 72.66% translated
Supreme Candy – ~14273/43261 (~33.0%) lines translated
Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen – 11406/19644 = 58.06% lines translated
Tenshin Ranman – Prologue patch released, 1829.2/4560 (40.1%) translated
To Heart2- 67% translated- “The final product is still years away unless I get more help. “, new alpha patch released
Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 3rd Story – Released
Walkure Romanze – 4,268/8037 lines of the prologue translated
Witch’s Garden – 3984/67202 (5.92%) lines translated
White Album 2 – Opening chapter fully translated with a “rough patch”, Closing Chapter: 2279/35275 (6.46%) lines translated
Yoakemae Yori Ruriiro Na – 100% translated and edited, 54% QC, partial patch released
Yosuga no Sora – Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 63.60%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 73.62%, Motoka 30.17%, Common and Kazuha fully edited
Your Diary- Prologue patch released, common route fully translated, 11/19 scripts translated for Yua’s route, 1/10 scrpts translated of Kanade’s route

Official work

Oyako Saiin Chiiku – Released
Armored Warrior Iris – July 18th release
Imouto Paradise – In Beta
Hitozuma Nurse – Beta complete
D2B vs Deardrops – In Beta
Royal Guard Melissa – In scripting
Princess Evangile – Fully translated and edited, in scripting
Cartagra – editing complete, in scripting
Kara no Shoujo 2 – 7.7% translated
Space Pirate Sara – Fully translated, 59% edited
Free Friends – Fully translated and edited
Free Friends 2 – 16% translated, 16% edited
Bokuten – 22.4% translated, 10% edited
Da Capo 3 – Prologue + Chapter 0 complete, Common route 3% translated, 18.7% translated overall
Higurashi (retranslation) – 6% of Watanagashi TL, Onikakushi editing finished
Kyoudai Hiai – Picked up
Yome no Imouto to no Inai – Picked up

Work being done on a fanTL of Shin Koihime with hopes of getting it licensed

Hanachirasu – 99% complete, next from Jast
Django – Couple more months of translation
Sumaga- Fully translated, in editing
Seinarukana- Mostly translated
Starless – In translation
Trample on Schatten- In translation
Romanesque – In translation
Shiny Days – Translation finished
Osadai fandisc – Fully translated, 94.48% edited
Raidy III – TL finished, in insertion
Sweet Home – In translation
Sumeragi Ryoko – Picked up

Sekai Project
World End Economica- Chapters 2 and 3 picked up
Fault -milestone one- – Picked up

Danganronpa 2 – Picked up
Moenovel is working on another title
Liar Soft would like to bring Steampunk titles over
Eiyuu Senki – PS3 version picked up
Tears to Tiara II – Picked up

Cannonball is getting even closer to finishing. The translator says he will freeze progress at 99.99%, translate some miscellaneous stuff, then edit it all himself. The editing will take significantly less time than the translation did. He’s also looking for some QA to assist him after he finishes editing.

There’s a 100% patch out for F/HA, but it’s not one authorized by the project leaders. As the entry says, it’s unvalidated – and machine translation has probably been used in some spots. Use at your own risk, I wouldn’t recommend it personally. I do remember hearing that near all of the main storyline is done though.

Lemnisca says that their Killer Queen patch will be compatible with the Reprint version, not the original. The easiest way to see which is which is apparently to look at the textbox. This is another project in which the translator is also doing the editing; apparently he’s being more liberal in his editing style than he was in his earlier projects, which will be interesting.


Writer of irreverent VNTS commentaries, shadowy Fuwanovel string puller, Swedish, ambivalent toward meatballs. Brave Fuwanovel Skype Group memeber (rip), technically a reviewer, chronic everything staller. I am all these things and more, but mostly I'm really lazy. Loves yuri, reading, chocolate, and quality sugar-free colas. Hates VNs with too many choices and long walks on the beach.

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10 years ago

Can someone post a link to the unvalidated patch please? I checked the VNTL page but it might not be up there yet

10 years ago

For Fate/Hollow Ataraxia*

10 years ago


10 years ago

What means QA?

Reply to  WafuYoshino
10 years ago

I should probably have written QC or whatever, but QA, QC, proofreader and whatever are pretty much in the same thingyness area.

QC = Quality Check(er)
QA = Quality Assurance

Reply to  WafuYoshino
9 years ago

Ah, I thought so, thank you anyway!

9 years ago

RIP in peace FHA translation project.

Reply to  antonn
9 years ago

I wouldent worry too much, it seems like endgame drama right now, but I suspect once shit dies down they will get back to work on i – or worst case situation is they wait for fha to hit vita and rip the VO’s to pc.

Alexander Da Mota
Alexander Da Mota
8 years ago

Damn Grisaia no Meikyuu is taking a while… It’s been more than a year already, right? Come on… What happened?