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Sukisho! First Limit partial patch released

Today, JOAT Translations has released a partial patch for the 18+ yaoi VN Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! First Limit, the first visual novel in a series of four.

The patch translates the first playthrough of the novel, commonly referred to as the friendship route. Completing this route unlocks the other routes (well, one other route is apparently readable from the beginning, but it’s not translated).

A description of the VN, as given by vndb:

One day, Sora mysteriously falls from the window of an upper floor in the school building.

After being released from the hospital and returning to the school dormitory, his friend Matsuri announces that he has a new roommate, a very effeminate boy named Sunao who was their friend from childhood.

The only problem is that Sora cannot remember him at all — which upsets Sunao and turns him rather cold to Sora.

Mystified as to why he cannot remember his past or why he fell from the building, Sora is determined to get answers, which turns out to be no easy task when things such as a sexually-harassing math teacher or ghost possession get in the way.

Then there is also the matter of Sunao acting very strangely from time to time…

You can get the VN and translation patch here.

The team is looking for a translator for the second VN in the Sukisho series. Ideally they will have a good working knowledge of Japanese and English, and enjoy working on/reading BL titles; knowledge of the series itself is a major plus as well.

If interested in joining the team, get in touch with them by mailing [email protected] or use the contact form on their website.

Update 24/08: while originally looking for a translator for the fandisc, they are now looking for translators for the second VN in the series after changing priorities. Post updated accordingly.

The original patch had a game-breaking bug when pursuing one character, which should be fixed in the version 0.71 patch. The pre-patched copy on the team’s website won’t be replaced for a few days, so if you used an earlier patch version than 0.71 be aware.


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