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Amaterasu starts Rewrite Harvest festa! translation

Ixrec, head of Amaterasu Translations who have translated Rewrite and a host of other high-profile VNs, has begun translating Rewrite‘s all-ages fandisc Rewrite Harvest festa!.

Harvest festa contains a mix of after stories (Kotori, partly Chihaya) and alternate universe stories (Akane, Kagari, Lucia, Shizuru). It also has a fairly involved dungeon crawler minigame called Rewrite Quest. The after stories are quite short, with the minigame potentially taking up as much as, or more than half of the playtime in total.

Having read Rewrite myself, I’m fairly excited for this – especially due to the ending of a certain route in Rewrite proper. That said, it’s only just started (formally on the 1st of October), so you’ll have to wait a bit.


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Ryan Ashfyre
Ryan Ashfyre
9 years ago

I’ll probably earn my fair share of hate with this, but to hell with it.

I’m looking forward to this if only to see a continuation of the lighthearted charm that Rewrite’s Common Route wove together so well. Genuinely fun and engaging with more than a bit of bust-your-gut laughter along the way; Kotarou was an enjoyable character to see Rewrite’s world through (before he turned into an emo douchebag in Terra, that is. There, I said it.).

That, and more of Lucia is always a good thing. Her route was, by far, the best of them all (and many thanks to Ryukishi07 for writing it).

9 years ago

Kotori’s route was torture for me. I hated it so much I almost skipped through it.