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Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling Youtube translation completed

Zakobot recently completed the translation of the Steins;Gate fandisc Hiyoku Renri no Darling. The game was released in 2011 on Xbox 360, then later on PSP, PS3, PSVita and iOS. There is currently no PC version of the game, and Zakobot has decided to show his translation through a series of Youtube videos instead of trying to patch a console version.

The fandisc is a romantic comedy spin-off of the original game. Synopsis taken from the Steins;Gate wikia (light Steins;Gate spoilers, I’ve taken out the heavy spoilers):

The story takes place after the 6th of August, 2010 in the original visual novel, when Okabe Rintarou suddenly finds himself in a Delta world line after conducting multiple D-mail experiments. There the Microwave Ophone has never been created, there are several new Future Gadgets, and Kiryuu Moeka and Amane Suzuha are lab members. Also, neither Tennouji Yuugo, nor Kiryuu Moeka are Rounders.

When Okabe comes to, he finds the lab members preparing for a party and that due to successive experimenting the Future Gadget Laboratory’s electric bill has skyrocketed. To compensate for this Okabe tries waitering and decides to sell the latest Future Gadget.

This Attractor Field is seemingly peaceful. However, little is known about its future, and what its convergence point could be.

The story pans out in six possible routes, each revolving around Rintarou’s romantic relationship with either of the 6 main female characters, including the newly added Kiryuu Moeka story path.

You can find all the videos on his Youtube channel. The translation spans 24 videos of approximately an hour each. Apart from this translation, he’s also done one of Time Travelers that you might want to check out.

Many thanks to him for putting all this work into the project. (Two months only for the whole translation!)

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9 years ago

I hope at some point he works with a hacker to create patch for the PSP version.

9 years ago

So in the videos, how do I know who’s route I’m pursuing? The whole ordering of the videos is kind of crazy.

Reply to  ReMeDy
9 years ago

The first three videos are the common route. Then there’s one event where the VN branches off in the separate routes and the single routes are handled one after another. There should be something like “(xxx’s Route)” in the title of the video when the route starts, so go for the route order you like. The actual order of the playlist is Common > Rukako > Moeka > Suzuha > Kurisu > Faris > Mayuri.