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Kikokugai Remake Receives Translation Patch

An English patch for the remake of Kikokugai – The Cyber Slayer has been released.

In 2011, the original visual novel (published in 2002) underwent a significant remake, introducing voice acting and improved graphics and effects among other enhancements. The H-scenes were toned down somewhat, but are still present.

A brief description, courtesy of our most beloved nohman:

Kikokugai – The Cyber Slayer is a visual novel developed by Nitro+, telling a tale of revenge and featuring plenty of action, swords, cyborgs, and kung fu.

The game’s atmosphere is unrelentingly dark and the setting itself is poisoned and bleak; the backdrop in which Kong Taoluo, an assassin for a Chinese crime syndicate, throws away what little humanity he has in order to get revenge on the former associates that gang raped and murdered his sister.

Published by Nitro+, who would go on to publish yet-to-be-translated VN community darling Soukoi Akki Musamasa and smash hit Steins;Gate among others, Kikokugai is characteristic of the company’s dark fare. It was written by Urobuchi Gen long before he became known for Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, and while relatively obscure compared to his later VN Saya no Uta, some maintain Kikokugai is his true masterpiece.

Kikokugai was originally set to get an official release by JAST. However, complications arose, as they did not have confidence in the sales figures of an unvoiced kinetic novel, while also having other priorities in their queue. This meant that the prospects of a release this side of the heat death of the universe looked grim.

Eventually, Kikokugai fan Tawm created a patch that inserts Makoto’s earlier fan translation of the VN into the remake, and, after considering the ethical issues of patching a licensed product, he chose to release it to the public. The patch can be downloaded on their blog.

You can find a spoiler-free review of the original version of the VN on Fuwa Reviews.

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9 years ago

Krill is happy I think. 🙂