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Visual Novel Translation Status (07/02/2016)

This week’s header image comes from this week’s three releases: Tomoyo After (VNDB) (Steam); KARAKARA (VNDB) (All Ages: Steam) (18+: Denpasoft); and Sonicomi  (VNDB) (Physical: J-List) (Digital: JAST)

How are you guys enjoying AX? The VNTS team stayed up late to watch the MangaGamer panel last night, and we were blown away by the sheer number of naked butlers. For more about AX, check out Decay’s commentary this week.

Anyway! Welcome to our weekly VNTS (Visual Novel Translation Status) series, in which we track visual novel translation updates in-house (we don’t rely on /jp/ posts on 4ch, for example) and post it for your enlightenment and enjoyment each Saturday. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let me know in the comments.

The Short Version: Only the New Stuff

New Releases

  • KARAKARA (Sekai Project) – Released! Buy the game on Steam here, or the 18+ version on Denpasoft here.
  • Sonicomi (JAST) – Released! Get the physical version on J-List here, and the download version on either JAST’s site here or on Steam here
  • Tomoyo After (VisualArts USA) – Released! Get it on Steam here

All the Game Updates:

Fan Translation Projects

Fan Translation Projects

[wpdatatable id=162]
JAST USA Projects

JAST USA (Updates; Archive)

[wpdatatable id=163]
  • Starless – Script check 10%, added new mosaic to fix list.
MangaGamer Projects

MangaGamer (Updates)

[wpdatatable id=164]
  • Rance 5D, Rance VI, and Rance Quest fan translations on hold in anticipation of potential official release by MangaGamer.
Sekai Project Projects

Sekai Project (Update Page)

These percentages should be seen as vague indicators of progress, and are not entirely accurate due to a variety of reasons.

[wpdatatable id=165]
  • Here’s a handy link to sort Sekai Project’s Steam releases by release date: link
Misc. Projects

Other Projects

[wpdatatable id=166]


— Commentary Section —

Zakabox™ Commentary

「 … 」

Decay’s Musings

Alright, who here loves naked butlers?? Wooo!!! …Woo? Alright, c’mon, I know there are some of you out there jonesing for that naked butler action. It’s okay, we don’t judge here. This year’s AX is off to a pretty exciting start, and not just because of the butlers. MG held their panel last night, and brought with them the announcements you see above. If you don’t like butlers, and if you don’t like gory, bloody tentacle sex, then you better like moe! Personally, I’m interested in playing both SukiSuki (Japanese abbreviation for “If You Love Me, Then Say So!”) and Dal Segno, as I’m generally pretty okay with moege. And the 18+ otome game they announced, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, looks like the closest you can get to an otome moege. And it’s apparently pretty dang funny, so yeah, I’m down with that.

Alicesoft was a notable no-show here, but fret not AS fans. Arunaru, the Beat Blades Haruka translator, claims to be working on an unannounced gameplay title, and there’s still one more major convention this year in Otakon. If we don’t hear anything there about Alicesoft, THEN you can get out the pitchforks. You have my permission, it’s okay.

There’s plenty of other interesting things going on at AX. Frontwing supposedly had some “exciting announcements” at their booth, but what these announcements are actually supposed to be beats the hell outta me. And apparently everyone else, since everyone I asked to visit that booth came back clueless. Later tonight JAST will be having their yearly panel, and they actually have a thing or two to announce for us. They’ve been no-shows at all the other cons this year, so I hope this one is a pretty good showing for them, they need it.

Not all of this week’s news is at AX. Tomoyo After was released?? Yeah, apparently that happened, completely out of nowhere. We sometimes complain about sudden releases with no time to prepare for them, which JAST and SP likes to spring on us, but this is on a whole other level. Well, at least it’s finally here, and at a glance it seems to possess a much better translation than before. Please also be aware that this is based off of the Memorial Edition, which contains reworked story elements, some of them are quite major. Apparently it includes extensive changes to the second half as well as a whole new ending. So this isn’t exactly just a re-release of something we already had. New TL + lots of new and improved content = a happy Decay. I can only hope that Rewrite+ gets a similar treatment, although I won’t hold my breath for any major TL improvements there.

SoniComi also was released out of nowhere. But at least they gave us a slight forewarning by stating that the game went golden master a couple weeks ago. I somehow managed to miss that tweet, however, and this release took me completely by surprise as a result. JAST really doesn’t want any last-minute delays anymore it seems, and instead of addressing the core problems that lead to them, they’re making them invisible by never announcing release dates at all. Can’t say I agree much with that strategy.

As of the time of this writing, AX has only really just begun, and our coverage won’t stop here. Sunday evening after Sekai Project’s panel, I plan on publishing an article summarizing everything that happened at AX. And also stay tuned to @Fuwan0vel on Twitter, as we’ll be tweeting and retweeting all the major news from the show as it happens. Until next time, be well my friends.

TAYsteful™ Thoughts

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7 years ago

Koiken otome 100% now prepping for patch ! (^_^)/

7 years ago

Umm… as it seems it got lost, i will mention again that, our Hanasaki Work Spring! Hikari route tl went up to 26% by the 2nd, not 20, just a little detail there.