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Happy Holidays from Fuwanovel

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Fuwanovel. It feels a lot longer than six years ago that the site celebrated its first Christmas after its re-imagining/re-launch, but that’s where we are. It’s amazing how much things have changed since then. I know I make a lot of mistakes, and I certainly haven’t been able to give the site the 30-50 hours a week I used to, but I am proud of our community. Thank you for being a part of it, for posting on the forums, for reading VNTS, and for following our reviews. And thanks for caring about VNs in general. They’re finally finding a footing in the West, and it’s thanks to you.

For us in this little corner of the web, I’d like to wish a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New year coming up soon. All the best.


I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.

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6 years ago

I’ve never actually posted on here before but I’d like to thank you for all the time you’ve put into making this site what it is. The VNTS reports themselves make this site worthy of frequent visits and as someone who has gotten into VN’s the past few years they have been incredibly helpful and exciting to get to see upcoming things and to see the communities reaction to them. If it wasn’t for this I am sure it would be a much more difficult process of finding all that information out, so thank you and Merry Christmas : )