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Visual Novel Translation Status (12/06/20)

Welcome to the Fuwanovel VNTS, where we shamelessly copy the work of one illustrious 4chan /jp/ member in collating translation progress and add minor dabs of value through corrections and additions. Entries with updates this week in bold. This week’s VNTS is late because I spent the evening hours yesterday obsessively attempting to fix bugs when trying to get sekai’s ponscripter fork (which has a comically long compile time, at least on windows…) to run a build of Shinimasu. Spoiler alert: ponscripter is kinda shit and I probably will be unable to fix the many bugs and maybe onscripter-en or onscripter-jp with some compile option is the better target. But it has easily implemented italics and em dashes… it looks so good… sigh.

This week’s image is from a prerelease sample of Slow Damage, since at least JAST seems to mostly be okay in comparison to all the other companies and hey the pictures are cool.

Fan Translation

Aiyoku No Eustia – 100% Translated and edited, 58.04% through TLC
Akatsuki no Goei – Prologue patch released, common+Reika route both fully translated
Amagami – “Script translation done. 2107/2329 original edition scenario scripts edited (90.5%)”
Amayui Castle Meister – Rough patch released with 63% of dialogue translated, overall 74% translated
Chaos;Head Noah – 6 routes finished translation, other routes on going
Chicchakunai Mon – 49.7% translated
Fuukan no Grasesta – Project starting up
Gore Screaming Show – Prologue + day 1 patch released, 15,59% [5827/37383] lines translated
Gin’Iro, Haruka – On hold for the time being, Common + Bethly + Hinata + Momiji routes translated, Yuzuki 30.62% translated, overall 67.24% translated, Common+Bethly+Hinata+Momiji routes patch released
Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no – “Main School” routes fully translated, Editing and QA ongoing on the Main School routes, overall 73% (49665/68206) lines translated
Junketsu Megami-Sama – 2nd Alpha patch released
Kud Wafter – 24436/64692 (37.72%) lines translated
Lover Able – 100% translated, 92.83% edited
Maji Koi A-4 – 8 of 62 scripts translated
Manakashi no Yuri wa Akaku Somaru – 11.73% Translated
Nursery Rhyme – 100% translated, 50% edited
Oreimo Tsuzuku – Patch being tested before public release
Pure Pure – 95.59% translated
Pure x Connect – 18473/43896 lines translated, 9475/43896 lines edited, prologue patch released, Moemi route translated
Shin Koihime Musou – 100% translated, 38% (41361/108888) edited
Spice and Wolf Boku to Holo no Ichinen – 100% translated
Shukufuku no Campanella – Trial patch released
Steps to Love – Common route TL patch released
Summer Pockets Reflection Blue – 100% lines translated, 26,269/34,142 (76.94%) lines edited
Suzukuri Karin-chan – Prologue translated
Taimanin Yukikaze 2 – Yukikaze route patch released
Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu – 100% translated, 100% 2nd pass tl, 100% TLC, editing to start 8 dec
Yosuga no Sora – Translation finished, editing and TLC ongoing


Fxxx Me Royally – December 17th release
Ciconia – Phase 1 Released
Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc – Picked up
Shiei no Sona-Nyl – 100% translated and edited, Refrain content 100% translated
Rance Quest – Out of Beta
Rance IX – 100% translated
Rance X – 28% translated
Luckydog1 – Picked up
Uchi no Kanojo – 100% translated and edited, image editing finished
Trinoline Genesis – 100% translated and edited
Musicus! – In Beta
Jeanne at the Clock Tower – Fully translated and edited, in programming
Funbag Fantasy 3if – 100% translated and edited
Secret Project 6 – 73% translated and 73% edited
How to Live a Healthy Hentai Lifestyle – In Beta


Majikoi – Winter release
Flowers – Title 3 released
Sumaga- Upcoming release
Katahane – Upcoming release
Josou Sanmyaku – 87% translated, 85% edited
Django – Waiting on translation.
Machine Child – Announced
Dramatical Murder – Picked up
Lamento Beyond the Void – picked up
Slow Damage – Planned to be released a few months after the Japanese release, 3% translated
Eiyuu*Senki GOLD – 100% translated
Yamizome Revenger – 50% translated
Mamono Musume-tachi to no Rakuen ~Slime & Scylla~ – Picked up

Âge titles with various publishers

Muv-Luv Unlimited – The Day After – 2020 release
Schwarzesmarken – Through Greenlight
Kiminozo – “now in production for English release”


Sharin no Kuni – Debugging of the game engine ongoing, to be followed by beta testing


KoiKuma Fan Disc – December 15th release
I Walk Among Zombies Volume 0 – December 15th release
I Walk Among Zombies Volume 3 – December 15th release
The Seventh Sign -Mr. Sister- – “Planning release”, appears to have been rejected by Steam
Ley-Line: Daybreak of Remnants Shadow – “More programming”
Ley-Line: Flowers Falling in the Morning Mist – Fully localized, in engine work
Re;Lord Volume 2 – 100% translated+edited, awaiting engine work by the developer
Harumade Kururu – Awaiting engine work, 2020 release
Rewrite+ – Overall 55% translated and 44% edited, January 2021 estimated release
Love Duction – 100% translated and edited, engine work in progress
Hoshizora no Memoria (retranslation) – In QA, going to update existing release to HD version
Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart – 60% translated
Island Diary – 100% translated and edited, waiting on QA build
Miko no Kanata – 100% translated and edited, awaiting engine work
Memory’s Dogma – Code:01 Released, 02 onwards upcoming
Tenshin Ranman – QA and engine work next, in “icebox”
NarKarma EngineA – Announced
Subete no Koi ni, Hanabata o. – 50% translated
Sumire – Picked up
Sanarara R – 100% translated, 25% edited
Amatsutsumi – Translation and editing in progess
Love’s Sweet Garnish 2 – 100% translated, waiting on editing, 2020 release
Kanojo no Seiiki – Picked up
Glass – Picked up
New Glass – Picked up
Amairo Chocolate – In second round of QA
Kimagure Temptation – 100% translated
Slobbish Dragon Princess – “QA complete, compiling reports for the dev.”
9-nine- Episode 4 – 100% translated and edited, waiting on build
Karakara 3 – In Development
Secret Project 7 – 100% translated
Secret Project 9 – listed

Sol Press/Panty Press

Shitsuji ga Aruji o Erabu Toki – “Currently restaffing”
Nukitashi – 100% translated, 51% edited
Himawari to Koi no Kioku – “Currently restaffing”
Irotoridori no Sekai – 100% translated and edited, waiting on QA build
Witch’s Garden – “Acquiring staff”
Happiness! 2 Sakura Celebration – 100% translated and edited, QA build in progress
Hyper->Highspeed->Genius – “Acquiring staff”


Riddle Joker – December 18th release
Hello Lady – Main game 100% translated, edited, and TLC, 50% QC, engine work being done by developer
Dracu Riot – 100% translated and edited, engine porting starting shortly
Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche – 100% translated and 78% edited, being ported to Unity, QA started
Clover Days – 100% translated and TLC, 60% edited, engine porting started
Fureraba Complete edition – Vita exclusive content to be added to Fureraba a couple months after the fandisc release
Melty Moment – 50% translated and TLC
Making*Lovers: Geki Icha After Story – “we plan to translate the Fandisc as well”
Secret Project #1 – 65% translated and 65% TLC, 25% edited
Secret Project #2 – 27% translated and 27% TLC
Secret Project #3 – 100% translated, TLC, and edited


Abaddon: Princess of the Decay – Demo out, Winter release


The Humbling of a Holy Maiden – 100% translated, 50% through programming
Chinkamo Twins! – 100% translated and edited


Dairoku: Ayakashimori – 2021 release
Variable Barricade – 2021 release
Olympia Soiree – 2021 release


MariAlbum – Kickstarter successful, July 2021 ETA
Meteor World Actor – Released
Misshitsu no Sacrifice – December 17th release
MAMIYA – A Shared Illusion of the World’s End – 2021 release
Jiangshi x Taoshi – Episodes 1-2 released, episode 3 upcoming
Evenicle 2 – Demo released
Wanko no Yomeiri – Upcoming release
Taimanin Asagi – Page for the Trial of episode 1 back on Steam
Venus Blood Hollow – Kickstarted finished, December 2021 release listed
Fault – Silence the Pedant – Demo released
Fault Milestone 2 – Side Below – Spring 2021

The Zakabox

「I’m barely awake but I’ll just vomit out the opinions I guess… okay okay

So ryuusei world actor is published by ShiraVN which usually credits their translators, but they can’t credit them individually in this case. Generally this is bad: translators can’t prove their work credit on a title as easily, so it’s bad for them (if you don’t want to be credited, you can still ask for that, of course). Consumers can’t spot translators to avoid or prefer (admittedly a high nerd level move), and they can’t see how many translators worked on something (more is generally worse). There is arguably some benefit to the company doing the localization, as you can’t snipe good loc staff — though considering Ryuusei seems to have been partly done by an agency, the main utility is probably obscuring just how many people worked on the project.

Translation agencies tend to have a terrible reputation for a reason: all too often they will split a script in many pieces, not facilitate any communication with other translators, and just generally turn out a turd. From what I remember, Cross Channel’s third and possibly worst (as improbable as that may seem, with them all so bad!) translation was done in similar circumstances. Now where does ShiraVN stand in this? Well, they didn’t choose themselves to not credit the translators (individually), but they did hire people who would not — which was something they (or some superior at DMM or whatever) definitely could have avoided (or pushed for in the contract). There is some blame to be had for them, and I hope they don’t do it again. I have no real other comments about ryuusei because as far as I know its current incompleteness renders it a kusoge in any case and not worth me thinking about.

MAMIYA is a conju/steiner tl with gare editing. I’m not particularly happy to see Gare in the editing credits again given how phoned in/bad seabed was. I guess the actual vn looks cool tho, which is I guess the fruitbat bonus point. I anticipate yet another meh quality release from fruitbat… sigh. This one did have a vaguely fun thing where the trailer link from youtube posted to discord would randomly bug and show a shot from the actual video, which had lyrics onscreen that you could easily trace to what game it actually was with some intermediate Japanese knowledge. RIP surprise.

Since I’m already shitting on every company in sight, Aksys announced 3 new otome licenses. Cool, and I think I’ve read reviews that made variable barricade at least look interesting. With that said, Aksys releases are not known for their quality, except maybe in the otome niche where they “compete” with MTL all too often. And they haven’t really learnt anything; this picture apparently existed in 2011:

I understand part of this is working with partners that demand crazy deadlines, but sometimes you have to push back in negotiations too, and you have to wonder if that is at all an Aksys priority when the issue has been systemic for so long. I mean, they also apparently hire ESLs to translate badly and literally (by instruction!) to then have editors punch it up, for whatever reaason. That’s not particularly great either.

It’s really kind of sad. Oh well, this is one of the reasons I learned Japanese… have a good one, everybody.」


Writer of irreverent VNTS commentaries, shadowy Fuwanovel string puller, Swedish, ambivalent toward meatballs. Brave Fuwanovel Skype Group memeber (rip), technically a reviewer, chronic everything staller. I am all these things and more, but mostly I'm really lazy. Loves yuri, reading, chocolate, and quality sugar-free colas. Hates VNs with too many choices and long walks on the beach.

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3 years ago

I have always wondered, but, why cant I find White Album 2 on the list?
Last time I checked, they had yet to finish the full English translation process, being still on Coda.

3 years ago

This week VNTS Review from mine, and what I can say about Ryuusei would be that you can play it as sort of Akagoei’s preview because apparently Kinugasa still has the same writing style in Ryuusei.

I hope you’ll enjoy the VNTS Review for this week as usual.

freiza's Shed Gold Skin
freiza's Shed Gold Skin
3 years ago

Why is there so much teasing with Witch Garden…. It was a go but then stopped then it’s a go but looking for staff now? Sigh… stop tucking at what little is left of my heart strings there is.