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Reimei no Gakuen – Review | Dawn of a New Hope

Featuring six love interests, more than 30 side characters, and approximately an 80-hour long playtime, Reimei no Gakuen is easily one of the most ambitious indie otome Original English Language visual novels (OELVN) I’d come across to date. Developed by Raikon Kitsune, Reimei no Gakuen was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2018 and released for PC (Windows, Linux, macOS) in February 2022. For such a grand project, this plot-heavy fantasy otome game did not disappoint. Indeed, prepare to join a group of teenagers on their eventful journey where the mysteries of twenty years slowly unfold in the midst of light-hearted school slice-of-life moments and intense life-or-death battles.

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Intended for an audience aged 13 and above, Reimei no Gakuen’s content warnings include blood, bullying, child abandonment and neglect, death, fire/burning, pyrophobia, kidnapping, mild language, loss of a loved one, suggestive themes, violence, and weapons (blades and guns). On top of infrequent gunshot sounds, there are also momentary screen shakes and white flash effects used.

Aurora Academy’s Secrets

Reimei no Gakuen takes place in a world where fairies, witches, demons, beasts, and other supernatural beings live hidden beside everyday humans. Twenty years prior, a

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