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MediBang releases the nukige “SuccuSeka” exclusively on!

The game and manga publisher MediBang released SakyuSeka ~Yuuwaku ni Makenaide: Succubus ni Kanri Sareta Sekai de~ in English yesterday under the name “SuccuSeka” exclusively on MediBang’s page for $24 USD. They also released a “global deluxe DLC” which costs $5 USD and adds bonus story content along with extra erotic scenes.

SuccuSeka is a game developed by the writing group Wakaba Shoukei in April of this year. The character designs for the game were done by Kamitani and Uro.

The synopsis is below:

Enjoy a new succubus adventure game—a thrilling heroic fantasy that takes an erotic twist as irresistible succubi train you in pleasure!

Resist temptation! If you fail and give into temptation, your journey might come to an end quickly. But! Multiple endings means all you have to do is try your best to resist again. Be careful, the situations are indeed… tempting…”

You can buy the game here and the deluxe DLC here!


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