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Nekonyan releases Aokana: Four Rhythms Across the Blue – EXTRA2

Fans of Tobisawa Misaki may now rejoice. On December 16th, publisher Nekonyan finally released Aokana: Four Rhythms Across the Blue – EXTRA2 on Steam. It was first announced on August 19, 2022, after a tweet by partner HIKARI FIELD was posted on Twitter. Nekonyan posted the Steam page quite late, so fans had previously worried that the game would no longer be released in 2022, but on November 15, Nekonyan confirmed the release date.

Aokana (Ao no Kanata Four Rhythm) is a widely popular sports-centric flagship visual novel by Sprite. The game first released in 2016 in Japan and was localized in 2019 by Nekonyan, the current holders of the license. While Aokana is popular, there are two additional titles that provide more insight into two of Aokana‘s characters. In Aokana EX1, the girl in question is Arisaka Mashiro; in Aokana EX2, fan favorite Tobisawa Misaki gets the spotlight.


It’s been a few months since Misaki won the fall Flying Circus tournament, and summer is coming to a close.
Those feelings of triumph are fading, with new questions rising in their place.
How far does Misaki want to take FC, and how will she deal with her new-found fame?
Her relationship with Masaya is going from strength to strength, but how will she make good on her promise to help him make it?

Join this power couple as they face off challengers from all directions while trying to make the ultimate decision: just what future do they want for themselves?


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Nekonyan is now selling this title on Steam for 22.25$ (- 10% launch sale) which is a much higher asking price than what they wanted for EX1 ($9.85). The languages available are English, Japanese, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


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