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Boku no Kanojo wa Uwaki o Shitteiru manual translation patch released by Saikey and Capu Translations

On Christmas Day, Saikey NTR Studios and Capu Translations released a fan translation patch on their Patreon for the 2020 Atelier Sakura game Boku wa Kanojo no Uwaki o Shitteiru, translated as My girlfriend’s affairs.

The game was written by Onborozuki and features art from Gentle Sasaki, who is best known for their work on the Kansen series from SPEED.

The games synopsis is as follows:

The heroine Sae Yamanaka and Hiroshi, the protagonist, have been in love since their childhood. Currently Sae goes to a distant university and is in a long distance relationship.

One day when Hiroshi went to her house, he heard Sae’s moans from inside. She was having sex with a man other than him, he felt a betrayed shock, but at the same time, a strong excitement he had never felt hit him.

“What kind of expression and gesture would she make with a man other than myself? I want to know. I just want to know what kind of sex you have with a man other than me.”

Driven by the distorted desire, Hiroshi finally takes action.

“Because I want to see her cheating sex.”

You can buy the game here and buy the patch on Saikey’s Patreon here!


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