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Saikey Games releases a fan translation for Netorare Shimai, Mia to Yumi ~Kurikaesareru Koibito Goudatsu~

Just this 25th of January,  Saikey NTR Studios released their fan translation patch for the 2022’s Atelier Sakura title Netorare Shimai, Mia to Yumi ~Kurikaesareru Koibito Goudatsu under the name NTR Sisters ~ Mia and Yumi.

NTR Sisters was written by Namori Nakamori who got his start with NekoNeko Softs Lamune and Sanarara, while the art was handled by Ryuushou Ayakaze, who in the past worked with HYPERSPACE, GAIA, and even Lune.

The synopsis, translated from Gyutto, is as follows:

“The main character, a college student, Yasutaka Eda, had bitter memories.
When he goes to Yumi Shibasawa’s room, whom he was dating, he encounters her hugging a strange man.
However, Yumi did not hide it and continued to mingle with the man in front of him, telling him that the reason was that she was not satisfied.
The relationship ended and Yumi disappeared from the university, but the shock of that time remained
and he believed that he could no longer have a lover.

Later, he is reunited with Yumi’s sister, Mia Shibasawa.
They gradually become attracted to each other and start dating, but the trauma he received from Yumi continues to remain within him and affects his sex.
However, Mia snuggled up to Yasutaka and his wounds finally healed.

After a while, Yumi appears in front of him again.
Yasutaka told her that his current lover was her sister Mia.
And I thought that I could forget about the past and continue to be happy with Mia.
However, the man who held Yumi in front of him in the past, Fuuma Saginuma, involves not only Yumi but also Mia, who should have loved only
Yasutaka, into the world of sexual desire.”

You can buy the game on FANZA, DLsite, or Gyutto and you can buy the patch on Saikey’s Patreon!


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