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Review: Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaa-san

Which kind of bond is the strongest in the world? Many people would argue that familial and romantic bonds are the two most important types. And this 2012 nukige, from the Amuse Craft Erotica brand Erectlip, explores what happens once a family’s bonds have been broken.

Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei Suru Kyonyuu Okaa-san ~Iki Jigoku ni Ochita Kazoku no Game~” (hereafter called Furyou) is a semi-short nukige about the destruction of family bonds thanks to the efforts of a charming, manipulative delinquent.

This game sports some unique ideas. They are presented in a manner similar to other Erectlip titles: the story is divided into many arcs. Each arc is comprised of a number of chapters, and illustrations from xxzero are included. Once an illustration has been unlocked, you can revisit it at any point through the menu. This function makes up for the lack of a dedicated save system.

The most interesting part of the game is the way the writer, Hain (herein credited as Karasu Nanaatano), handles the delinquent antagonist of the story, Shin. Shin refers to himself as the “actual protagonist” a few times in the story, effectively demeaning and emasculating the effeminate main character.

As much as the story is about manipulating and fucking the mother, Kyouko, it’s also about bullying the main character into servitude. 

Other than that, it’s still a nukige, so it features multiple different fetishes, including NTR and cuckoldry. There’s also some mother-son stuff and even yaoi at one point in the story. Most of the scenes are “-jobs,” though: handjobs, footjobs, blowjobs, boobjobs, armpit-jobs . . .

Unfortunately, the game does have its flaws. As is the case in many other nukige, the plot tends to turn into a slog after a while. There are a few cool ideas to be found, but the player/reader has to sit through the kind of shallow NTR plot points that have been recycled by every single VN dev. Based on my experience with Erectlip, this is not an uncommon flaw in their titles.

The audio is also a little wonky. At times, the moans heard during sex scenes overlap with Kyouko’s dialogue. It actually hurt my ears to hear the two audio tracks playing at the same time. 

The main flaw of this game, though, is just how short and linear it is. There are only a few choices in the entire game. Furthermore, there’s only sad endings to the story. While some are quite good, I found reaching them to be a bit of a drag.

If Furyou had made Kyouko a little more human, and the MC less of a prop for the NTR scenes, its story may have had better pacing and more impact. 

All in all, however, I’d say this game is still worth it for netorare fans. A fan translation by Saikey Studios is available, and it reads quite well. Furyou may be a slog at times, but the conclusion is worth sitting through the rather mediocre experience.

Here’s where you can buy the game! And here’s where you can buy the fan translation!


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