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My Little Sister’s Special Place now available on Steam

Publisher Sekai Project released the English version of “My Little Sister’s Special Place” yesterday on June 26, 2023, now available on Steam and DenpaSoft. This title originally got released by game company Feng, whose entire library got saved by Sekai Project. An 18+ version can be found on DenpaSoft with the patch for the Steam version separately available.

It is part of a series of three titles. My Little Sister’s Special Place is the second of them. First is My Girlfriend’s Special Place which had been released earlier this year and the last is Gakkou no Seiiki which hasn’t had its working title announced yet.


For his sister’s sake, our protagonist used to go to Akiba a lot when he was younger. His sister got gifted a christmas trip, and who would be a better trip partner than her brother? Acting all lovey-dovey, just like a couple, marks the beginning of a love story between these two siblings.

Personal summary

The game supports English and Chinese language settings. There will be a 10% Sale on Steam until July 3, 2023, get it here.




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