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Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Released on June 30th

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE was released on June 30th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Developed by the creators of Danganronpa, — Spike Chunsoft and Kodaka KazutakaRain Code blends elements of visual novel games with action, and, using 3D models throughout the game, it seeks to give the player a sense of adventure while exploring the world.

A DLC has also been announced, which will include four substories, with the first, “Ch. Desuhiko: Charisma Killed the Cat” set to release on July 27th. Each DLC can be purchased for $4.99, but the Season Pass gives access to all four stories, at the price of $15.99.

A Digital Deluxe version of the game is available for $89.99 that comes with the game, the digital soundtrack, a digital artbook and the Season Pass. The “Mysteriful Limited Edition” is slated to release for $110 on July 14th and will include the game with a steel book cover, a physical version of the soundtrack and artbook, and an exclusive spirited 6.5” Shinigami plush. Please note that the Limited Edition does not come with the Season Pass.


The game takes place in Kanai Ward, a city of rain, filled with neon signs and lamps, and ruled by Amaterasu Corporation. You play as the amnesiac protagonist, Yuma Kokohead, haunted by a Shinigami, and a trainee at the Nocturnal Detective Agency. Throughout the game, you attempt to solve crimes, veiled by layers of intrigue and, at times, misdirection. As you traverse the open world to collect evidence and testimonials, you are confronted by the “Mystery Labyrinth” realm.

The Mystery Labyrinth materializes the mysteries surrounding the case as illusions and traps, creating a series of mini-games, sometimes embedded with cutscenes. To progress through the labyrinth, the player must use logical deduction and fast reflexes to avoid taking damage and solve the case.


● A new project from the team of Danganronpa – Experience the latest lucid-noir adventure written by Kazutaka Kodaka!
● 3D Detective Adventure – Explore the neon-drenched city of rain and its stygian counterpart in a full 3D environment to the fantastic phantasmal music of Masafumi Takada.
● Eccentric Cast – Meet the unique characters of the detective agency as they face an oppressive corporate-controlled security force designed by Rui Komatsuzaki.
● Puzzles and Paradoxes – Adventure through the paths of challenging dungeons and use deductions to fight Mystery Phantoms trying to bury the truth.
● Includes Japanese and English voice and Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish text

Spike Chunsoft Page


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While there are no known plans for a Steam port, stay tuned here for any new announcements!


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