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Sentimental Death Loop Released for Nintendo Switch & PC

On July 6th, 2023, the Japanese video game publisher qureate released the Nintendo Switch version of Sentimental Death Loop, a visual novel-meets-exploration/mystery game with a time loop mechanic. The game is described as a “desperate time-travel adventure.” The price is $19.99.

Sentimental Death Loop was published simultaneously with IXILL LLC.‘s Japanese release and features text options for English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese. The voicework is in Japanese only.

A PC version (Steam) has been confirmed, with a planned release in 2023. A specific date has not yet been announced.

Update 28/07/23 : The Steam version is now available.


It’s Noa’s birthday, and her good friend and schoolmate Nemu throws a party to celebrate.

Once in Nemu’s room, Noa is pleased to receive a black diary as a gift. Nemu, however, becomes enraged when Noa is distracted by a photo found in the bedroom.

Nemu, beyond the reach of Noa’s words, draws a knife and plunges it into her dear friend. Again, and again, and again . . .

Noa’s consciousness begins to fade . . . But when she comes to, she’s in Nemu’s room again, unharmed but terribly confused.

Just as she considers writing it off as a strange dream, Noa realizes that she’s holding the black diary.

It wasn’t a dream . . .

Death claims you again and again. Will you be able to break free of this loop?

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In this game, you explore the interior of a house from a three-quarter perspective. You must search for clues and items, as well as disarm traps that hinder your progress. The time travel mechanics allow you to change your destiny. Following in the footsteps of previous releases like Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami, the player character is frequently pursued by an antagonist.


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Four Shared
Four Shared
7 months ago

The game is really cool. Too bad the switch version got censored recently. We still have the steam version though.