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Shiravune Announces Nukitashi 2’s Localization

On June 23rd, Shiravune announced the translation for the sequel to NUKITASHI, NUKITASHI 2. Nukitashi 2 will still be a pc release only.

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As far as the localization team goes, we know the translator for the first title will not be involved. There is no official release window given to the public yet.

The visual novel is the direct sequel to the original NUKITASHI release, following the main character Junnosuke on Seiran Island, where perverted sex is permitted by law. Like the main title, NUKITASHI 2 features the writers Kamichika Yuu and Kurahone Naoto, both of which also worked on Hentai Prison.


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7 months ago

“The translator for the first one will not be involved”. Good riddance! I cannot stand wokealizators!