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Tsukihime PC Port Possible?

According to an article published in Type-Moon Ace Volume 15, Tsukihime Remake may be receiving an official PC release. Despite the presence of the PC sticker on the magazine, there’s no conclusive evidence of Tsukihime Remake receiving a PC port, and at this time, no official announcement has been made. The magazine has not commented, either.

Kinoko Nasu, the creator of Tsukihime, has discussed the desire for a PC release for Tsukihime Remake. In 2021, during an interview with 4Gamer, he said, “If we were to put out a Steam version, then I would like for it to have multilingual support. However, in this game’s case, it wouldn’t work to just leave it at translation. The visual presentation needs to be adjusted to match the localized text, and we don’t have the spare resources for it.”

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Although Nasu expressed interest in multilanguage support, he also cited the difficulty of translation as one of the obstacles to releasing Type-Moon works overseas.


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