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Another Childhood Friend Love Story!ーFrontwing’s AIKAGI ~After Days~ Fandisc Releases TODAY!

A new story after another story! Frontwing, the visual novel producer and localizer for titles like the Grisaia series and ISLAND, is releasing a wholesome romance visual novel from Azarashi Soft, Aikagi ~After Days~, a fandisc to the previously released Aikagi.

The game is releasing today, and you can get it on Steam.

AIKAGI ~After Days~ is a visual novel. More specifically, it is a kinetic novel, without any branching routes. It takes place after the events of AIKAGI.

AIKAGI ~After Days~ depicts a young couple enjoying their college life together. They go on casual dates, work part-time jobs, and their sweet life is filled with happiness as they cherish every single moment they spend together. Some scenes take place in the apartment they share, while other scenes take you to campus, to the mall, or even to the restaurants nearby. There are plenty of new situations that weren't in the previous game!

This time the game's story is set in summer, and the shy childhood sweethearts' relationship has been growing bolder since the busy spring.

In AIKAGI After Days, every aspect of Nozomu and Shiori's life is dyed in summer colors as they get out of their swimsuits and yukatas to enjoy their summer vacation together!

If you enjoyed their blossoming love story in AIKAGI, you will love this summer full of dates, swimming, fireworks, travel... and maybe just some studying.


This is a cute romance kinetic novel series with only one heroine. Being kinetic, you just read to the end and have a good time, without stressing over choices or branching paths. It’s recommended to read its prequel first.

The game’s setting is during summer vacation, taking place several months after the original’s winter setting.

Azarashi Soft is a visual novel producer that makes romantic visual novels, imprinted from Nexton. They create cute romance VNs which entail wholesome stories and characters. Their notable works are the Amakano series (their latest title being Amakano 2+), the Aikagi series, the Aibeya series, Maid for Loving You (translated by Love Lab), and much more. In fact, there are titles that have received their own animated adaptation, such as Amakano, Aikagi, and Aibeya.

This title is directed by Amami Himawari with notable works such as the Aikagi series, the Aibeya series, and so on (in Nexton). The scenario is made by Momiage Lupin-R with his notable works being Himegoto Union ~We Are in the Springtime of Life!~ and its fandisc Himegoto Union Motto H! Finally, the character design is by Gintarou; his notable works are the Shin Koihime series, the Girls Book Maker series, and Amanatsu.

The game itself was initially released with a Download Edition and Package Edition on January 26th 2018. It would later go on to release on Android, on DVD via AiCherry, on the PS4, and on the Nintendo Switch. More recently, on February 24th 2023, Azarashi Soft released the full package of the Aikagi series under the name Aikagi COMPLETE BOX. The complete box itself includes Aikagi, Aikagi ~After Days~, Aikagi 2, and Aikagi 3.

The first game in the series was localized by Frontwing on the 18th of November 2021. It was later released as a censored Steam release that could be be uncensored via a patch. Hopefully we will see the later sequels localized as well. Every entry focuses on a different couple, so you’ll always have a good time with this series.

 Christmas Day, Sunohara Nozomu confessed his love to his childhood friend Takanashi Shiori, and the two started going out. After spending winter together and passing the entrance exams, they started going to the same college together come spring.

Now, their first summer as a couple awaits them. Although they've known each other since childhood, they've never played together during summer vacation before.

"Let's make a proper plan for summer, so we can make the most of it!"
Nozomu suggested, and Shiori smiled.

"It'll be our first summer vacation together, after all... "

Two whole months of vacation... that the two of them can spend together! Imagine Shiori in her airy summer clothing, or in a swimsuit...
Every season reveals new, exciting aspects of the beautiful girl, making Nozomu's heart pound in his chest.

"This summer is going to be so much fun!"

The best summer of their youth is about to begin!
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If this game got your attention, you can get it now on Steam!

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