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More Dark BL! Friendly Lab Releases in English Next Week

Back in August 1st, the Twitter account @jouhou_bl let people know that Tennenouji‘s Friendly lab will release just next week, on the 22nd. This will be a +18 release and will be available in English by DLSite by approximately $27.22 (¥3,960).

You might know Tennenouji from their famous BLVN Luckydog1.
Friendly lab also features artwork by Yura, known for her work on older titles such as Enzai, Absolute Obedience, Laughter Land, and the previously mentioned Luckydog1. She was also the artist behind the otome VN Hana Awase.

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Welcome, researcher.
You will soon be conducting a gentle experiment on our two subjects.
The goal of this experiment is not to facilitate the subjects’ escape.

The point of the experiment is to measure the impact of a researcher’s interference on the subjects.
The experiment is a safe, secure and gentle one, involving no force, commands or torture.

A small, locked room with a clock.
Two subjects with missing memories.
A researcher. You.

You will give a variety of items to the subjects.
The final result will depend on you.


The researcher (player) can select from the following parameters to interfere with the two subjects:

  • Spying
  • Provide a meal
  • Provide a special item
  • Provide entertainment
  • Cause an incident
  • Ask a question
  • Have a picture drawn

You can also specify the food, special item, entertainment, incident or question.
e.g., If you provide a meal, you can choose what food is given.

Select actions you think will have a major impact on the subjects to advance your experiment.


Subject 01: East

Has good powers of recall, but is currently missing some memories.
He doesn’t show his emotions on the surface much, and rarely gets angry.
All that he knows is that someone is waiting for him on the outside, and for that reason he wants to escape this mysterious room.

Subject 02: West

Very friendly towards East.
He has no memory of his life before coming here, and, with East, tries to regain those memories.
He’s a difficult one to pin down, and though he exudes a suspicious air, he is very kind.

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