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Untranslated Releases: August 2023

Welcome to the second iteration of the Untranslated Releases List. This time, we cover the August 2023 releases. The first article was met with a lot of laudation, that we finally brought back the format, and we also gave access to the program that Sirus had created to the folks over at r/vns, so they could create their own lists as well. Whether they will do that or not is entirely up to their discretion, but we would appreciate it – given that the big r/visualnovels subreddit is not planning to do it at all and the average Japanese game enthusiast might not know about

Our tool now has new features after we told Sirus to implement them. Among those features, there’s now the possibility to switch between English and Non-English releases as well as filtering Game Dev Jam titles, due to them flooding the releases table every time they happen. For our purposes this is not really useful, but the guy over at r/vns, funwithgravity, has already voiced interest in this feature, so they could be quickly covered without much effort. Additionally, there is now a removal button to get rid of unwanted fetchings.

Future Plans

Do you remember Omochikaeri? If you don’t, then let us refresh your memory. Omochikaeri.wordpress is a blog that had been run by Micchi and Zen. While this blog had been a staple of the Japanese reader community for many years, there hasn’t been an update since March 2020. The blog is completely abandoned and only stands as a piece of History of Eroge coverage in English.

Their concept was that they – supposedly – read a handful of trials which became available every month and then published their thoughts on them – marked in different colors for different writers. Since they don’t want to do it anymore, then Fuwanovel shall continue their legacy.

There might be a chance, that we’re going to cover everything major the month has to offer and add short impressions or – if applicable entire demo reviews as embeds into this post. Whether we can already realise this ambition this month or by the next has yet to be seen.

Look forward to our coverages! Without further ado, here’s this month’s list!

Untranslated Releases: August

TitlePlatformsDeveloperRelease DateStore
Kuchi Sake KareshiWindows/BrowserNunu01 AugustGet @ novelgam
Megasuki! ~Memorial Stories~ Sakura Ayumu Hajimete no Joou-sama HenWindowsGLASSES01 August
Spade no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Black World~SwitchIdea Factory Co., Ltd.03 AugustGet @ nintendo_jp
Triad LilytearWindows4H03 AugustGet @ dlsite
4 Nichi Go ni Shinu!Windows/BrowserSamezaki03 AugustGet @ novelgam
Honto no Kimochi plusWindowsJinsei Tsuukoudome04 AugustGet @ dlsite
Get @ dmm
Ochiru Part Tsuma – Toshisita Otoko to no Jouji ni Oboreta Hate ni…WindowsStudio Pork04 August
Shuumatsu Denpa ShounenWindows/BrowserGracias04 AugustGet @ freem
Akuma Demo Ore to Omaeha! -Yuujin ga Inmadatta Toki no Doutei Sotsugyou Kaihihou-WindowsChiraura Koubou04 AugustGet @ novelgam
Get @ booth
Yume o Tashikameru – Renewal Edition – Download EditionWindowsYapushi Kaidou05 AugustGet @ dlsite
Get @ booth
Shuumatsu Denpa SeinenWindowsGracias05 AugustGet @ dlsite
Get @ booth
Natsuyasumi no KadaiWindowsAsagi06 AugustGet @ novelgam
Get @ booth
Apathy – Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi ~Visual Novel Version~WindowsNanakorobi Hachikorogari07 AugustGet @ steam
Get @ steamdb
Sayo-kun no OmajinaiWindowsGracias07 AugustGet @ booth
“Dare no Hanashi o Kikou ka” Nanafushigi Kikaku ‘Nii-san’Windowshizyouninemui07 AugustGet @ booth
Kami no Kuni no MahoutsukaiWindowsNekoNeko Soft08 AugustGet @ steam
Get @ steamdb
Nostalgic Future ~ Natsukashii MiraiWindows/AndroidLibre Palette08 AugustGet @ dlsite
Get @ animateg
Jiraikei Joshi!? Honami-sanBrowserNta08 AugustGet @ freem
Utsukushii DanshuWindowsubi-208 AugustGet @ booth
Hakase wa Subete o Owara Seru Koto ni ShitaWindowsideArco09 AugustGet @ novelgam
Get @ booth
Hakuouki Shinkai: Man’you no ShouSwitchIdea Factory Co., Ltd.10 August
Ketsugou DanshiiOS/AndroidSquare Enix10 AugustGet @ appstore
Get @ googplay
Witch’s GardenSwitchAres Co., Ltd.10 AugustGet @ nintendo
Ihanasiui Manyeo – Download EditionWindowsFragaria10 AugustGet @ steam
Get @ steamdb
Amaama M-Kei Joushi to Zangyou JikanWindows/BrowserSamu Gyopusaru10 AugustGet @ novelgam
Yandere Rays Darling ShowWindowsNitto11 AugustGet @ novelgam
Get @ booth
Tantei no Susume ~Hekishoku no Hora Hen – Download EditionWindowsTansukai11 AugustGet @ dlsite
Eve: Rebirth Terror – Download EditionWindowsEl Dia11 AugustGet @ dmm
Sophia to no HimitsuWindowsMegami Soft11 AugustGet @ getchu
Konko to no Nichijou+ ~Bocchi de Kawaikute Hottokenai Youko~WindowsMegami Soft11 AugustGet @ getchu
Tsuki no Onna, Kawa no Tenshi, Kami Meku Toki. – Special EditionWindowsSucculent12 August
Isekai de Nekomimi Seijo toWindowsBABEL12 AugustGet @ getchu
Get @ booth
Tsukumo 3-kai Sanku – Free EditionWindows/BrowserSynthetic Girl12 AugustGet @ novelgam
Susumu to Shite ComfortWindowsICHIGO TART12 AugustGet @ novelgam
Get @ booth
Anger Management FantasyWindows/Mac OSYukki12 AugustGet @ booth
Tenshi no Takarabako – Black Box EditionWindowsWSS playground13 August
Zankyou Chitai – Package EditionWindowsParadolast13 August
platypusWindowsIDEAL Software13 August
Shiniisogu BokuraWindowsCHARON13 AugustGet @ dlsite
Tsukame, Jinsei no Migiuchi! GOGO Zen Kaiten Arashi o Yobu! Honoo no Pachinkas RoadWindowsCHARON13 AugustGet @ dlsite
Get @ dmm
Get @ booth
Majo Mashou MahoumaWindowsHitsuji Ojisan Club13 August
Haiyuuenchi no Memento Memoria – Package EditionWindowsAsanoha Seisakujo13 AugustGet @ booth
KUMA Mercy the Bear.Windowsnon color13 August
Uso kara Hajimaru Koi no Natsu – Package EditionWindowsLYCORIS13 AugustGet @ booth
Tasogare Traumerei -Twilight with U- Package EditionWindowsOverFlowers13 AugustGet @ booth
Zan’yo no HitsujiWindowscream△13 August
Mitsume wa Kimi o MiteiruWindows/BrowserR-ion13 AugustGet @ novelgam
Kaiko, Kinu – Package EditionWindowsRaiteu Family13 August
Amatsu Sora ni SakuWindowsstudio aila13 AugustGet @ melonjp
Tsuihate no Sanatorium ⁂ – Disc EditionWindowsMasumi Soft13 AugustGet @ booth
Akizora no Memories ─Unmei no Chiheisen─ All-ages Package ver.WindowsGALEX SOFT13 August
Create Blossom ColorsWindows13 August
Kanojo-tachi ga Saita Hi *WindowsMasumi Soft13 AugustGet @ booth
Bishoujo Tulpa no Mariru-chanWindows13 August
Inpi no Miko ~Te Komete Miko wa Kami Naru ya~ Windows EditionWindowsNeko Punch Koubou13 AugustGet @ dlsite
Inori Matsuru Hodo AishiteruWindowsFortunesFreak14 AugustGet @ dlsite
Nostalgic ★ Summer~Chapter 3~WindowsVENUS15 August
Eien no Natsu ~I’ll redo it over and over until I save you~WindowsPhilosophy15 AugustGet @ booth
A Little DateWindowsKuachiru15 AugustGet @ booth
Gishou TouronWindowsnorin17 August
Ero Item de Haramase Harem Seikatsu ~Isekai no Kyonyuu Mesu-tachi o Niku Onaho Ni!~ – Download editionWindowsMiel18 AugustGet @ dlsite
Get @ gyutto
Get @ dmm
D.C. III P.S. ~Da Capo III~ Plus StoryPlaystation 4CIRCUS24 August
Karumaruka * CircleSwitchSAGA PLANETS24 August
Zettaizetsumei Shoujo Kokuu no HouteishikiWindowsEXAMGAMES24 AugustGet @ steam
Get @ steamdb
Friendly lab – unlock(); – Download EditionWindows/Mac OSTennenouji25 AugustGet @ dlsite
Harem x Shangri-La – Regular EditionWindowsHadashi Shoujo25 AugustGet @ getchu
TO-RA-WA-SE ~Toraware no Anata ga Yumemiru Shiawase~ Package EditionWindowsDark One!25 AugustGet @ getchu
Garudoma -Joshiryou no Kanrinin-WindowsAzarashi Soft+125 AugustGet @ getchu
Gyaru x Ota ~Orikawa Kirara wa Osewa Shitai~ Download EditionWindowsConfiture Soft25 AugustGet @ dmm
Nukicolle vol.44 – MILK Junkie 1+2+3completeWindowsBlue Gale ON DEMAND25 August
ANIM Selection Vol.2 – Itsu Mama Ninki 6 Title Oshiechau!!WindowsANIM25 August
Nukicolle vol.43 – Genjitsu ga Mietekita node Lolicon Yamemashita. – Kitsukitsu Manamusume Hole TsukiWindowsKaeru Soft25 August
Koibito Airi o Daita Hoka no Otokotachi ~ Aisuru Koibito ga Ore no Moto kara Satta Riyuu (Wake)WindowsAtelier Sakura25 AugustGet @ getchu
Shinnyuu Shain wa Moto AV Joyuu – Do M na Kanojo wa Midara ni Ochiteiku – PK Edition – Regular EditionWindowsTRYSET Break25 AugustGet @ getchu
Warikiri Kanojo ~Takarakuji Atetara Meikko to Icha Love Seikatsu ga Hajimatta~ Package EditionWindowsAppetite25 AugustGet @ getchu
Shokushu Shisen ~Matowaritsuku Inraku no Uzuki~ Package EditionWindowsAppetite25 AugustGet @ getchu
Sensei wa Otona Dakara! ~Otonappoku Mirareru no ni Konna Koto Made Shinakucha Ikenai no!?~ Package EditionWindowsAmmolite25 AugustGet @ getchu
Kichiku MeganeWindowsSpray25 August
Kouyoku Senki ExS-Tia Concerto 1WindowsLusterise25 AugustGet @ dmm
Radiant Tale ~Fanfare!~SwitchIdea Factory Co., Ltd.31 August
– Last Updated 25.08.2023

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11 months ago

Great to see Fuwanovel blog active again, it’d be nice to see new forum goers as well 🙂