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Visual Novel Translation Status (13/08/23)

Welcome to the Fuwanovel VNTS, where we shamelessly copy the work of one illustrious 4chan /jp/ member in collating translation progress and add minor dabs of value through corrections and additions. Entries with updates this week in bold.

Usually, we present you some newer games as a thumbnail, but this time we might have to resort to something more vintage. We also have a new Nintendo Switch fan translation as well as the finalization of planetarian: Snow Globe. It’s not all stacked but there’s a lot of movement lately. Also there’s a bunch of drama, we want to tread lightly upon. The rest of the post will be some idea suggestions for future content or Fuwanovel related things.

There’s also some Comiket102 announcements, but those belong into another post, not into the VNTS. Well, let’s get into it and see what the week had to offer!

Visual Novel Translation Status

Fan Translation

Aikano ~Yukizora no Triangle~ – Common Route translated
Aiyoku No Eustia – 100% Translated and edited and TLC
Akatsuki no Goei ~Principal-tachi no Kyuujitsu~ – 100% translated, 85.06% edited, 40.23% through QA
Akatsuki no Goei ~Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron~ – 24,957 lines translated (40.05%)
Aonatsu Line – Fan translation based on the Switch release ongoing
Amagami – 3rd public Beta patch released
Baku Ane 2 – Prologue, Ritsuka Fully translated, Wakana 8/8 Lessons, 5% route, Mashiro 5/8 lessions, Miran 2/5 events and Sayaka 1/3 events translated, Ritsuka patch released
Caucasus – 100% translated, image editing complete, editing, QC/TLC , and playtesting remain
CHAOS;HEAD Love Chu Chu! – 65.04% translated, 6.17% edited
CHAOS;CHILD Love Chu Chu – Being translated
Chicchakunai Mon – 100% translated and 39.5% edited
Chusingura 46+1 – 25085/82770 (30.31%) lines translated, Kuranosuke route partial patch released
Deatte 5-fun wa Ore no Mono! Jikan Teishi to Atropos – Common Route patch released
Dragon Knight 4 – 57% translated
Eiga Go-toubun no Hanayome ~Kimi to Sugoshita Itsutsu no Omoide~ – Common + Ichika + Nino + Yotsuba routes translated, Miku route day 1 of 5 translated
Fate/Extra CCC – 100% translated, 1133/2499 main scripts edited
GinIro Haruka – Mizuha route released, Mizuha edits finished, Yuzuki route fully translated and more than 50% edited
H2O √ after and another Complete story Edition – 100% translated and edited, 63.5% QC
Haruka na Sora – Sora and Yahiro routes translated, Kozue 41% translated, overall TL 70% TLC 70% ED 26%
Houma Hunter Lime – All 12 volumes released
If My Heart Had Wings: Snow Presents – 23% translated
Jisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou – 17% translated
Junketsu Megami-Sama – 2nd Alpha patch released, Astarotte route finishing up
Koukan no Toriko-Tachi – Prologue, common, and Cuckold Play route translated, Swinging Route 35%, Yukari POV 40%
Kud Wafter – AA Version 23,835/31,579 (75.5%) Lines translated, 18+ Version 14,295/33,113 (43.2%) lines translated
Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~ – “Translation finished. Rest of the processes ongoing.”
Lover Able – 100% translated and edited, 16254/34467 lines approved (50.42%)
Lucky Star ~Ryouou Gakuen Outousai~ – episode 1 patch released
Maji Koi A-5 – 85% translated
Manakashi no Yuri wa Akaku Somaru – 66% translated
Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o – 1 of 4 routes translation finished for the restoration patch, Houkiboshi Hika 2 of 4 H-scenes translated
Nursery Rhyme – 100% translated and edited, text insertion 100% complete, testing ongoing
Otogirisou – 100% translated
Planetarian Snow Globe – Released
Pure Pure – 100% translated, needs proofreading, partial patch released, all routes have been inserted
Sakura Wars 2 – Being translated, demo patch released
Sen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki – Both original and fan disc 100% translated, in need of editing
Shangrlia 2 – Menu patch released, patch in development
Shin Hayarigami – 48% translated
Shirotsume Yubiwa – 100% translated, 50% beta patch released
Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu – 100% translated, TLC and Editing upcoming
Tokimeki Memorial 2 – Being translated
Tsui no Sora Remake – 41% translated, 35% edited
Tsuma Netori – 60% translated, 35% edited, 35% proofread
Umi kara Kuru Mono – 91/138 scripts translated
Walkure Romanze – Common + Celia + Lisa + Mio routes patch released
Yosuga no Sora – Translation finished, editing and TLC ongoing, Total: TL 100% TLC 71% ED 55%, Common/Kazuha/Motoka routes fully edited

Official work


Shiei no Sona-Nyl – In Beta
The Pillagers of Raillore – About to enter Beta
Ciconia – Phase 1 Released
Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc – Picked up
Rance 03 – 48% translated, 29% edited
Rance X – 56% translated, 5% edited
Luckydog1 – Translation nearly complete
Funbag Fantasy 4 – 51% translated, 49% edited
Eve of the 12th Month – 91% translated and 8% edited
Hana Awase New Moon – Picked up
DEAD DAYS – Picked up
Beat Valkyrie Ixseal – Picked up
Welcome to a Sexy, Open World – Picked up


Gears of Dragoon: Fragments of a New Era – September 28th release
Sumaga- Slow progress ongoing
Katahane – Progress being made again
Django – Not actively making progress
Tokyo Hero Project – Translation finished
Machine Child – Still being developed
Goblins on the March: Breed All Humans! – About to enter QA
Yomegami: My Sweet Goddess – 100% translated
Yamizome Liberator – Picked up
Mojika: Truth Rears Its Ugly Head – Picked up
Djibril – Being translated
Sisters: Last Day of Summer – In QA
Masquerade: Hell Academy – Formatting nearly finished, then programming
Paradise – 100% translated


Happy Saint Sheol – 25% edited, Demo in Q3, release in Q4
Harumade Kururu – Waiting on build
My Academy’s Special Place – 100% translated and edited, Waiting on build
Rewrite+ Harvest Festa – Finishing up translation, image editing ongoing
Subete no Koi ni, Hanabata o. – 50% translated
Sumire – Picked up
Sanarara R – 100% translated and edited, waiting on build
Glass – Picked up
New Glass – Picked up
Karakara 3 – 100% translated and edited
Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru – 90% translated, 30% edited
Zutto Mae Kara Joshi Deshita – 100% translated, in editing
Chiisana Kanojo no Serenade – 60% translated, 30% edited
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi 10% translated
Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi AA – Announced
Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka – 50% translated
Re;Lord 3 – In QA
Marshmallow Imouto Succubus – In QA
Hamidashi Creative – Announced
Inupara – In Development
Nekopara After La Vraie Familie – In Development
Nie no Hakoniwa – 100% translated, 30% edited
Parfait Remake – In translation
Raspberry Cube – Announced
UsoNatsu ~The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie~ – 50% translated, 30% edited
Animal Trail Girlish Square 2 – 100% translated and edited, waiting on build
Animal Trail Girlish Square LOVE+PLUS – 100% translated and edited, waiting on build
NEKO-NIN exHeart SPIN – In Development


Clover Day’s Plus – August 18th release
Dracu Riot – “Waiting on Warmsoft for a QA Build”
Melty Moment – 80% translated
Aoi Tori – “Porting work is still ongoing”
Fureraba Complete edition – Vita exclusive content to be added to Fureraba a couple months after the fandisc release
Secret Agent of the Knight Academy – “Image editing complete, Engine work wrapping up, Nearly ready for QA”
Floral Flowlove – 100% translated, 60% edited
Kakenuke Seishun Sparking – 15% translated, 5% edited
A Colorful World – 100% translated and edited “Image editing/integration of HD assets in progress”
Love, Elections, & Chocolate – 100% translated, 17% edited, “Unity port in-progress”
Love Love Love, Burning in my Heart! – 100% translated and 74% edited
Ready or Not: The Deadline is Coming! – 100% translated, 17% edited, “Image editing complete, Engine work in progress”
Mysteries of the Heart: The Psychic Detective Case Files – 100% translated and edited, “Image editing in progress” working with developer on engine work
Tenshi Souzou “Angelic Chaos” RE-BOOT – 10% translated
Secret Project 2 – 100% translated and edited, queued for Unity port
Secret Project 3 – 100% translated and edited, image editing complete, waiting on QA build


LUNARiA -Virtualized Moonchild- – 2023 release
Tsui no Stella – 2023 release
Summer Pockets Reflection Blue – 2024 release


Aikagi After Days – August 25th release
Sharin no Kuni – August release
Ginka – Steam Page Up
Everlasting Flowers – English release planned


Norn9 ~Norn + Nonette~ Last Era – August 31st release
Virche Evermore: Error Salvation – November 9th release
Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II – Fall 2023 release
Tengoku Struggle -Strayside- – 2024 release

Age titles

Kiminozo – Kickstarter for English release planned pending success of JP Crowdfunding

Spike Chunsoft

Anonymous;Code – September 8th release


Two Beasts Or Not To Beast!! – Upcoming release


Succubus Sessions: Mami Mamiya’s Sweet Slice of Hell – August or September release
Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses – October 12th release
ONE. – December 22nd release
Taimanin Asagi – Q4 2023 release
Kara no Shoujo II – Announced
Kara no Shoujo III – Announced
Sacrifice Villains – Announced
Nukitashi 2 – Announced

Kagura Games

Samurai Vandalism – Upcoming release
Forsaken Quartet – Upcoming release


Archetype Arcadia – October 24th release
KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes Of Desire! – Picked up


Hira Hira Hihiru – Demo released, 2023 release
Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- – 2024 release


Friendly lab – unlock(); – August 25th release
Club Suicide – Picked up

Idea Factory

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! ? Pirates of the Disturbance – Winter release
Sympathy Kiss – Early 2024 release

Fruitbat Factory

MAMIYA -DoomsDay Dreams – 2023 release


Geminism – September 29th release


Monkeys! – English release planned


Haunted Obachestra Vol.1 Awaking – Upcoming release

Alice In Dissonance

Fault Milestone 2 – Side Below – Upcoming release


even if TEMPEST Dawning Connections – October 26th release


Retro Mystery Club Vol. 1: The Ise-Shima Case – August 23rd release


Aquarium. – October 26th release


Lies as a Starting Point – 2023 release

The Zakabox

「What is a man? Just a miserable pile of opinions? Just a servant to a greater cause, a cog in a hidden machine? A small piece of garlic, shading slightly purple, green shoot just starting to sprout from its casing? I bet it’s the garlic one. You know, I see sprouted garlic all the time since we don’t use much. They say it might be bitter or something but I’m not sure if I can taste a difference? Also it’s supposed to have some health benefits as well apparently. Though the kinds of sites where you see this would probably extol-but-not-quite-confirm the health benefits of cat poop if you could convince them it was “natural”. How the fuck are we supposed to figure out life if we can’t even figure out garlic? Smh my head.

Anyway, visual novels. Both Akagoeis are once again on the board, though Bee said he was burnt out recently or something, so god knows. It feels like he says he’s going to slow down every 3½ weeks, but I’m sure a more careful analysis could reveal an interval as long as 6 weeks. Anyway, he’s in Japan right now and was shopping for eroge the other day. What a nerd. Imagine owning Japanese merch, I could never.

Fig. A: writer’s nonexistent collection.

He also wrote a review of Schwarzesmarken. Okay, he actually wrote it ages ago and only posted it on his blog instead of vndb today, but nobody cares. In admirable commitment to Doing It Wrong, he has not read the original trilogy, nor has he warned for potential spoilers at the start despite it maybe having some mild ones there. Idk I’m not your dad1, I didn’t read that much of it.

The new Aonatsu Line project is being done in parallel to Alka’s Maybe Still Ongoing Who Knows But Probably Not project, but for the Switch version. Apparently, nobody would answer their questions about the PC version and the hacker for the project is much better at reversing Switch games, so that’s the one they picked. It’s all a bit comical but I do like that the hacker wants to use a script decompiler and not just a string replacer. You really do have a lot more potential as a translator when you can actually modify the scripts. I worked with a YU-RIS tool where you couldn’t add or remove lines or even linebreaks once and it’s such a pain. That said, pity about the porn and all that. You could always help compare notes if you’re working on the PC version’s engine, I guess.

Babajeanmel is back again with a game so old you could make premium-grade traditional balsamic vinegar in the time since its release. Houma Hunter Lime, or Jewel BEM Hunter Lime as the translations might call it, is a non-porn though lewd series of short (15-20 minute) adventure games. It’s kind of crazy that there’s a whole 12 of them. The world was a different place back then. I really do respect the man, and I wonder how much the votes on these on vndb are disappointed coomers perusing the CG set versus actual readers. I can’t say I’m personally very attracted to these things, but if you have the retro autism I lack, enjoy.

Planetarian Snow Globe, an uhh fandisc to planetarian I think, is out. You know, I looked this up for an earlier VNTS but I’ve completely forgotten. Good thing we reported on it so I can just link to that instead.

Ginka is going to be a simul-release. New for this week is its Steam page, which the vndb editors have swiftly copied over to their site. The scenario is by Konno Asta, writer for well-known moe titles like Miazora, part of Konosora, plus more recently the somewhat more serious Atri ~My Dear Moments~. Also Adventure of a Lifetime, but I have literally never seen anyone post anything from that VN ever. It does have like 300 reviews on vndb, so am I out of touch? No, it’s the kids that are wrong.

Everlasting Flowers is set to arrive in 2024. The publisher is Frontwing, but the dev is actually sprite, more known for the Aokana series of base-milking spinoffs (plus one main vn I guess)2. The only listed platforms are the Switch and PS4, so I guess it’s time to bust out the emulators yet again if you want to read it. The key illustration looks extremely yuri and it’s clearly about two girls, though the PV just says “小さな町で出会った二人の成長物語” — The coming-of-age story of two people who met in a small town. Thematically the story seems to be about one of them wanting to keep the other safe to a pathological degree, though I don’t know how far the pathology here will actually go in-story — there’s one line about wanting to “keep you in here forever” to go with the glass bottle main illustration, as well as a bit of a rant about how SURELY WORRYING ABOUT PEOPLE CONSTANTLY ISN’T WRONG RIGHT COPIUM SEEMS RIGHT TO ME ACTUALLY COPIUM GOD KNOWS I WORRY WHEN I INTERACT ALL THE TIME COPIUM in a “script” thing later. The writing in the “script” section feels a little awkward to me, though I still hesitate to judge Japanese prose. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see — the author doesn’t seem to have anything else credited to that name visible in a quick google search. If it’s actually non-romance, it could be a pretty interesting story by the end of it, if only due to its relative rarity in VNs. If not, I do love me some gay girls.

Lastly, Virche Evermore and even if TEMPEST both have release dates announced. Conveniently for my mental chunking procedures, they’re also both otomege fandiscs, though one is being done by Aksys and one by Voltage. I have to say that capitalization on even if TEMPEST bothers my inner grammar Nazi. Will the crimes never end? At least when I fuck with editors the world over as I name something, it’s intentional. Oh well, sometimes there is moral progress — remember when it used to be Visual Art’s? It’s too late for Clover Day’s, but I’m glad someone saw sense and unfucked the VA brand. Even if they are getting bought out by Tencent to unknown future effect.」

  1. But your mom is very nice, so who knows what the future will hold?
  2. Really I should be saving this joke for Majikoi, but it’s 8:22 am, I haven’t slept, and the chaos flowing through my mildly corpulent frame will not be denied.

The Hatabox

「What an intense week this was. Upholding the output wasn’t easy, but we somehow managed to. Now I’m out of commission for a week or so, because my parents want me to return home and actually spend some family time–something I can desperately need but isn’t really productive. I will also not be able to bring my PC, so I can only fulfill any relevant Fuwanovel duties from my phone or tablet. This will suck, I’m telling you.

Click here to display content from

I also spontaneously decided for a handful of Japanese capable staff to play some of the monthly trials and report about them in an article. Let’s see if we can get this done and WHEN we can get this done.

Another big construction site is the website. It needs a rework, badly.

Well, let’s get into the titles relevant for this week. First, we start from the top with Akatsuki no Goei continuing. This is pretty nice, but what’s even nicer is that the translator revived his blog (I love the blog scene!) and dishes some articles and older review with new supporting visuals and explanations. I love for the blog scene to gain steam again, so we reposted them on X to great success. Check out Bee’s reviews on Wagahime and Schwarzesmarken, two complete opposites from another.

A translation project for Aonatsu Line has started and it is not the Alka Translations one, but some brand new team called Blue Overture, who began translating the Switch version. After a little inquiry, we got some exclusive screenshots which will be shown in the news article about it that Kevin’s writing. It looks pretty and the team just consists of two people, so they made a post on Fuwa looking for Quality Controllers–they’re looking for you!

Click on this area to view external content from Twitter. By clicking on this area, you consent to the transfer of personal data to Twitter. You can find more details about this in our privacy policy.

Next, there’s BabaJeanmel‘s newest magic project, a translation of another PC-9801 retro vintage classic I never heard of. The game is called Houma Hunter Lime and its 12 small 話 stories they translated. I was really surprised seeing 12 different titles at once being released on VNDB, but here we are.

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Planetarian ~Snow Globe~ came out. I’m a gigantic fan of planetarian, it’s concise, it’s impactful, it’s heartrending–totally amazing. It made me fall in love with the more simpler stories that are told in these KEY Kinetic novels. For some reason I never touched Harmonia though, maybe I should… Either way, so the additional story Snow Globe has been released by the folks over at Snowy Ryujin TL, I think this was Tsukishiro who was working on it. Rinny, the editor guy overseeing SRTL also told me a bit about how this group operates–it’s interesting to say the least. Maybe our interview actually happens one day…

According to JAST Discord, the folks working on Yomegami: My Sweet Goddess and Paradise have already finished translating. This is impressive and maybe the companies’ shift towards in-house operations increased their productivity by a lot. I would be glad if it did, though I’m not exactly convinced until they start making reasonable progress on titles like Sumaga or Django that are cursed for about a decade or more. They can try to convince me otherwise though.

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GINKA and everlasting flowers are two projects that have been announced recently to be handled by the Frontwing lads. Our team, especially Kosakyun and Yuzurity are extremely hyped about these titles. This being said, Comiket 102 was happening in Japan last weekend and we’re still sifting through the announcements there and look for worthwhile things to cover. There’s actually a lot. Both GINKA and everlasting flowers will have detailed news articles on Fuwanovel in due time, GINKA may already have one!

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The last update to talk about is Virche Evermore: ErroR: salvation which will release on November 9th. People who aren’t well versed into Otome may not be aware that Aksys Games only publishes their fandiscs with Limited Editions. However, since Jack Jeanne recently offered an exception, people on Twit got quite mad that Virche will not get the Limited Edition treatment as well. In fact, they were so many people started tearing up about the state of the otome community–some malicious actors had been actually harassing Aksys for it. This wasn’t okay, in my opinion.

Well, this has been the full week. From this week on, we’re going to keep covering new ground we haven’t covered before, so ready yourself for our first Shinza Bansho (Masada Takashi‘s works) related article on the modern Fuwanovel tomorrow. Baibai!

Oh, btw. Read this massive 400-page PhD thesis on Visual Novels, will ya?」


Once a writer for German site VNinfo, now the guy running the show (we're trying to save him from Hell okay). His energy is infectious, his passions strong, and his attachment to Nanahira manifestly unhealthy. He likes Sayonara wo Oshiete, long walks on the Internet, and excels at koolaidmanning.

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11 months ago

No much to say in regard of this week other than it’s nice to have simultaneous release of Koichoco, and I’m going to say that it would be bad move from Nekonyan if they decided to release Chinese version first (Even with I think that Koichoco is redundant release). Also just realize that sprite only has console release for Everlasting Flowers, although they may still need some work before have Steam accept the game.

Anyway my VNTS Review for this week below, and I hope that you’ll enjoy it.

11 months ago

anyone know anything about aiyoku no eustia? It’s been done for a while i think but no release date yet