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Not all Stories have Happy Endings – Particles of Reality by Arewar Games released on Steam and

On September 19th indie developer Arewar Games released Particles of Reality on Steam and Development of Particles of Reality is funded via Patreon and a free demo can be downloaded on both platforms.

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In this 18+ Otome Visual Novel you follow the daily life of a miserable college student. As, unbeknownst to you, all of your decisions may cause the destruction of reality, five love interests are ready to stir up your life. Sebastian – the mysterious stranger. Julian – seemingly your perfect man. Brandon – your brother, with whom you’ve overcome a horrific upbringing. Quinn – your strong, independent roommate. ???just who is he.

Particles of Reality features a total of 41 hours of content. You can reach more than ten endings and unlock 5+ CG with each of the five characters. A sixth character is planned to be added Early 2024. Additionally the novel features side content for all of the characters – side stories, mini stories, what-if scenarios.


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