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Serving Sweets With a Dash of Love! Maid Café Now Available on Steam

After more than two years in development following a successful Kickstarter that hit its funding goal in May 2021 a month after going live, Maid Games has released its inaugural title, Maid Café. Published by Dharker Studio, the game hit storefronts on August 25th.

Maid Games is a studio made up of individuals that have experience working freelance on various EVNs. Launched in 2021, it announced its independence from Dharker Studio, where they previously worked on games such as the Negligee series and Witches Brew. Maid Games primarily hosts Kickstarters to fund their adult comic books such as Maid Girls, Delightful Sins, Monstrous Beauties, and their upcoming project, Quintessential Beauties.

If you’re interested in Maid Games, you can find more details about their projects on their website.

Meet over 30 cute girls and win their hearts. Experience sexy sequences. Become the best pastry chef at a bake-off competition. Use your tips to take girls out on dates. Make your own choices at the Maid Cafe!

  • 30+ cute girls to meet
  • Dating simulator with a supernatural twist
  • A month-long story leading to a baking competition
  • Numerous choices that lead to many possible scenarios
  • A dating system that uses in-game currency to buy gifts for unlocking secret events
  • English voice acting
  • Amazing artwork from Kopi Anget (Negligee, Huniepop, Roomie Romance)
  • Uncensored adult content (with available DLC to add more)
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Maid Café is now available on Steam for $19.99. If you’re interested, you can also buy additional content for the game on its store page. For related content, you can follow Maid Games and Dharker Studio on their respective websites.

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