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A Long-awaited Otomege! — Hana Awase – New Moon Releases on Both Console and PC

MangaGamer started their license acquisition announcements with an otome title by WoGa, Hana Awase. Ironically, this title was already talked about on our Discord server since someone recently completed it on VNDB and listed its playtime at around 99 hours for 100% completion. Hana Awase will release for both PC and Nintendo Switch (published by Dramatic Create), but MangaGamer’s translation will be the one used in all versions. The complete version with all routes available will only release for PC on MangaGamer as Hana Awase – New Moon.

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On October 5th, the HuneX English department announced the release of the demos for each part of the Nintendo Switch Hana Awase New Moon edition. Pre-order discounts are also available, so please take this opportunity to try out the downloadable versions!

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The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch on October 26th and will be published by Dramatic Create. The Nintendo Switch release will be a digital one as well, with each episode being sold separately from one another. This may be an expensive investment for the average reader; however, each episode is quite long (spanning around 10-15 hours) and they will be on discount prior to the release.

MangaGamer will also release the game on PC as well at a later date, still unknown. The MangaGamer release (unlike the Switch edition) will feature all 4 episodes in one neat little package. The translation will be done by frillyfujoshi and Mary Borsellino – with already completed translation and editing. This will also be the translation used across all versions of the game. The game will be released in all-age format for both the PC and Nintendo Switch release, as this was an all-ages release from the beginning.

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Hana Awase is an episodic fantasy otomege with a prominently dark storyline and a strategic card game called Kasen. The card game itself is actually played with Hanafuda cards, which might be familiar to those who play games such as Koi-Koi or Go-Stop.

The game has gorgeous artwork by Yura and has an amazing set of voice talents including the likes of Terashima Takuma (Avenger, Takeya, Eita), Fukuyama Jun (Lelouch, Koro-sensei, Cookie), and Sugiyama Noriaki (Sasuke, Shirou, Ishida). It’s a very promising release with extremely high production value and a very interesting premise.

If you want to purchase the game now or play the individual demos, you can do so here!

Nintendo Switch Added Content

  • Includes a new original short story
  • The hanafuda battle system (Kasen) will be a combination from all four games with a renewed design to make it even easier to play.
  • Multilingual (Japanese, English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese)
  • The short story told in the “Karakuri” drama CD series (all four volumes) and an original story has been customized into a novel mode.[※-Iroha Volume- Added Content]


After being involved in an accident, she is accepted into Kasen National Academy where “flowers” are enrolled. She isn’t very skilled, but she’s the type to dive in head first and she knows the world of “Hana Awase,” and becomes fully immersed in it. Her hobbies are cooking, sewing, and card games.

She was a first year at Kaibyaku High School until she was involved in an accident and was accepted into Kasen National Academy.

An average girl living in Kure City in the world of immortals—Tokoyo. A bit of a tomboy, she has a straightforward personality. She’s the type to say what she thinks. She loves Kasen and would play Hana Utsushi with her childhood friends ever since she was little. She always wanted to go to Kasen, but her mother, Ren, refused, and she gave up her dreams. She enrolled at Kaibyaku High School where the elite go on to Kasen. After the emperor falls in love with her at first sight, she is accepted into Kasen at the imperial court. It’s there that the emperor orders her to partner up with Chisen Team’s top of the top, Iroha…

Manga Gamer


The Kaei Burdened with Sin


VA: Terashima Takuma

The strongest Kaei in the school. As one of the chosen Five Brights, everyone looks up to him.
Everything about him exudes grace. Just one look and everyone falls for his charm.
He’s stoic and has little interest in the everyday world. Emotions rarely show on his face.

The Proud and Law-Abiding Citizen


VA: Fukuyama Jun

A second year student at Kasen National Academy. He is the Kaei for Team Crane and one of the Five Brights.
He’s no-nonsense and not one to be flexible. He has a passionate side and will devote himself completely to those he loves, but he’ll chase down a traitor with a merciless cruelty.

Pessimistic and Red-Blooded


VA: Hino Satoshi

A third year student at Kasen National Academy. He is the Kaei for Team Cherry Blossom and one of the Five Brights.
He’s belligerent with a taste for blood and brawls. He’s full of himself and likes to press people’s buttons. Self-centered in all things, he’s especially possessive.

The Deeply Affectionate Kaei


VA: Tachibana Shinnosuke

A second year student at Kasen National Academy. He is the Kaei for Team Moonlight and one of the Five Brights.
He’s extremely sociable and can get along with anyone, male or female.
He prioritizes others over himself and can be too empathetic at times.

The Missing Five Brights


VA: Sugiyama Noriaki

A third year at Kasen National Academy. The Kaei for Team Phoenix and one of the Five Brights.
He was selected as a Five Brights when he became a second year, but went missing after that.
Currently, very few people know of him and his background is full of mystery.

The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch on October 26th, so wishlist it now!

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