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A Vampire Waifu! – SakuraGame releases Vampires’ Melody 2 for PC

Disclaimer: The translation of this game has been supplied by a group ran by one of Fuwanovel's Forum Moderators. For more information, check this post.

On September 28th, publisher SakuraGame has released Vampires’ Melody 2 by AsicxArt.

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Like its predecessor, it’s a shorter romance & ecchi title about a vampire girl. The game was simultaneously released with Chinese (simpl.), Chinese (trad.), Japanese and English language options. The price on Steam is $3.99 (discounted 40% to $2.39). The game features no explicit content.

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After sleeping for three centuries, the vampire girl Yella, known as the Queen of Darkness, along with her faithful thrall, the young chef and recently turned vampire Raylan, have woken up to find themselves in a modern world, only to be arrested by the humans for failing a routine ID check. Fortunately, the authorities are not able to ascertain the vampire duo's background and true nature, so they have banished Raylan and Yella to a deserted island, leaving them to their fates.

How would two hungry vampires from three centuries ago with little knowledge of the ways of the world make a fresh start on an island far away from any continent with no unlucky sap to feed on?

Steam Description

Even though the quality of SakuraGame titles is usually said to be close to machine translation, players can enjoy this game and its prequel with a proper English version supplied by SinicalNetwork. For many other titles they (fan)translated, check out their page!

  • Intuitive flowchart system to allow fast and easy access to each plot node.
  • Using Live2D animations to bring the main heroine to life
  • High-resolution CGs and backgrounds
  • Fun casual minigames
  • Original theme song and BGM from renowned music production groups Project Lights, SakuraGame and Milu
  • Full voice acting for the main heroine

◆ Raylan Monroe

Perhaps he should now call himself Raylan Lester…

He used to be a young chef, until that fateful thunderstorm night when he stumbled across the vampire girl Yella…

「How much would our lives be affected in the future?」

Yella Lester (CV: Sakura Anzu)

A vampire who has lived for so long that she has even lost track of her age.

The only difference: Now that she has Raylan at her side, it feels as if someone has hit the Slow Motion button, bringing zest to every day in her life.

“If you’ve had enough of life as a vampire, you should return all your blood to me.”

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