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Capture the Samurai’s Heart — Dateless Love out now!

Last October 5th, Ciagram, through a collaboration with Opera House, released Dateless Love – Love Story Behind the Restoration for the Nintendo Switch. This marks the 33rd game the company has released, with this being one of their few titles available outside of the Android/iOS platforms.

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Ciagram Co, Ltd. is a company that primarily deals with the development of mobile otome games. Priding itself on its plethora of otome games that cover all tastes, Ciagram had released a dedicated website called Love stories & Otome Games (L.O.G.) for users to more easily traverse their selection and find the game that will “make your heart throb.” Most of the games they develop are exclusive to mobile platforms such as Android/iOS, but recently they’ve been branching out and expanding into the console space.

First released in Japan for Android/iOS, Dateless Love was a collaboration between Ciagram and more games. It was initially only purchasable through iOS, but since Ciagram’s involvement in October 2015, it started being available for free. It would eventually find its way into the global market when it released in both English and French (back in November 2019.) In January 2020, the game received its first additional character in Yoshinobu Tokugawa. Today, the game’s Switch release is being handled by Opera House, a 2000s yaoi game publisher.


What? I'm an oiran courtesan!?

Strange relationships begin with famous warriors of Japan's history...
The Shinsengumi, Ryoma Sakamoto, Shinsaku Takasugi and more!

Based on historical facts, experience the passionate,
sweet and tragic love stories now!

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◆ Dateless Love’s love story ◆
During a school trip in Kyoto, you happen to slip back in time to the end of the Edo period!

“Eh, I’m going to be Oiran…!?”

You will live in the entertainment district of Shimabara, Kyoto,
and you will meet handsome patriots at the end of the Edo period,
such as the Shinsengumi, Yoshinobu Tokugawa, and Ryoma Sakamoto.

◆ “Rich love story” developed based on historical facts ◆

A rich love story intertwined with historical facts that is unbearable for history lovers!
Shinsengumi’s genius swordsman Okita Souji, demon vice-commander Hijikata Toshizo,
Yoshinobu Tokugawa, the last shogun of the Tokugawa family,
Ryoma Sakamoto, the hero of the Restoration,
Shinsaku Takasugi, revolutionary of the Choshu clan, etc.
You can enjoy the sweet and painful love that unfolds in a turbulent period
with the handsome patriots of the end of the Edo period who color history.

Dateless Love is now available to buy from the Nintendo Shop or for free through Ciagram’s L.O.G. website. If you’re interested in Ciagram’s other works, you can follow their Twitter account or look at their official website for updates regarding their games.

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