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even if TEMPEST Fan Disc Premieres Internationally

even if TEMPEST was one of the bigger otome releases of 2022, making its original debut on the Nintendo Switch in June of that year. The game garnered a dedicated fanbase rather quickly, especially for a new release. Contrary to most other releases, the game was released both in English and Japanese simultaneously, launching with near global fanbase potential immediately. Although the original release did come with its fair share of issues, especially on the technical side, it was a rather successful entry. Specific praise was given to its character writing, excellent production values, and strong story.

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With great success came great expectations for a follow-up title, especially due to some of the unresolved and underdeveloped plot elements which seem to have been the main source of the existing criticism for the game itself. Although fan discs aren’t necessarily a solution to every problem the original release featured, they do have the potential to enhance the original story in different ways. Enter even if TEMPEST: Dawning Connections (jp: even if TEMPEST: Tsuranaru Toki no Akatsuki the latest entry of the series which acts as a follow-up to the original release and contains 3 different elements.

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The fan disc contains afterstories for Lucien, Crius, Tyril, & Zenn. All of these take place after the events of their respective good endings and instead of focusing on the dark elements that gave the original its own distinctive identity, it’s a much more relaxed fare. The afterstories focus on the connections Anastasia made with each respective bachelor.

The “Fellowship” storyline focuses on the group as a unit and doesn’t have the main character romantically linked to any of the male heroines from the original. This storyline seeks to tie up loose ends from the original and is essentially an alternate take on the events of Parting Memoirs IV.

The final feature of this fan disc is a compilation of stories that involve side characters from the original story. The four featured side characters are Maya, Evelina, Conrad, and Ish.

Generally speaking, the fan disc is stacked with quite a lot of content and would make anyone who enjoyed the original release very happy. Especially if they felt the original release didn’t go nearly as far as they would have wanted in some departments. The game is currently on sale for $49.99 on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you want to follow future releases from Voltage, you can follow them on their own website as well as their product page on Twitter.


A fan disc for "even if TEMPEST."

She forfeited her own life, killed others and was killed herself, and even sacrificed her loved ones to achieve the best ending.
And now, after repeated deaths, the story of her life begins.

Follow 3 stories that unfold within this fan disc:
■Love Stories
The fan disc's main draw.
This story follows what happens after you've begun a happy relationship.
Lucien, Crius, Tyril, Zenn... As you bask in all the love they have to give, what new trials await you?

■The Fellowship
An alternate possibility following the events of "Parting Memoirs IV" that focuses on your bonds as a group.
This story proceeds as if the heroine, Anastasia, has not entered a relationship.
"I want to break the curse on Zenn."
The heroine's suggestion takes the group of 5 to Rizoh, the nation of solar and lunar seasons.

■Side Stories
Maya, Evelina, Conrad, Ish.
What did they wish for? What did they believe in?
Discover the thoughts and feelings of various side characters that weren't explored in the original game.


  • Fully Voiced (excluding the heroine)
  • Change the heroine’s name
  • Jump to story checkpoints via a flowchart
  • Touch Screen controls available


Overview of the characters in this game


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