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From RWBY to Space – J.P.D.E Studios releases Pilot Episode of GalaxiA

On this October 5th, the indie team J.P.D.E Studios released their pilot episode of their new space sci-fi adventure GalaxiA. This is the first installment of the episodic saga thought up by Simone “Meinos Kaen” Simeone and his team.

The game will be available on Itchio and soon on Steam (Q4, 2023 as the goal). It will be available at launch with English, Italian and Ukrainian language options — others may follow. The pilot episode can be downloaded for free!

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JPDE has a long history, having started their career in game development with a fan game for Rooster Teeth’s RWBY franchise called JPDE – Sonata of Fire, published on itch in Summer 2020. This game is currently in version 4.5 and features a lot of quality artwork, music and a fleshed out complete storyline. There’s even optional 18+ content as DLC. A sequel to JPDE is also in active development: it’s called JPDE2 – Adagio of Darkness. Another game they’re working on is the pixel-art adult CYOA Road to Cassiopeia — it will also be their first paid title.

Information about GalaxiA has first been posted on Itchio’s devlog on May 2023 and multiple videos revealing characters and lore have followed on JPDE’s YouTube channel. The newest development at this point of writing is the release of the Pilot Episode.

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J.P.D.E Studios can be contacted on their JPDE Discord server, or on their other socials:
Patreon | Twitter | SoundCloud | Ko-Fi.

Team Leader Meinos Kaen, as a representative of JPDE, has also recently started streaming on Twitch. You’ll find them talk about GalaxiA developments there as well!

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Disclaimer: Some Fuwanovel members have provided subtitles in multiple languages!

The Shatter-Wave has broken the galaxy, isolating entire star systems and mutating life itself. The Galactic League dispatches its ships to all corners of known space to rebuild civilizations, heal baleful wounds and reconnect with those lost in the dark.

A small freighter ventures through the void of space, hoping to use the shielding of a mineral rich asteroid field to escape unnoticed with its poached cargo...
The Shatter-Wave has turned the galaxy in a snarl of broken dogmas, isolated systems and weird phenomena. Steady your wits and weapon.
Welcome aboard the FSS Helen Thari. The crew members come from all walks of life and corners of known space. What kind of bonds will be born?
Where diplomacy cannot prevent or solve conflicts, your skill at arms becomes your only option. Engage your enemies in battle (or focus on story only).
  • An Ensemble Cast: Different situations require different set of skills. Follow the adventures of a variegated cast of eight: from Captain Kronesia to Nazar the Salvager! Then there’s Bruno.
  • Epic Saga: Each episode is its self-contained adventure, but they come together to form a much grander tapestry! What does fate have in store for the crew of the Thari?
  • Investigate, Talk, Fight: Stick to the straight-forward path or take your time to explore and challenge yourself! Tackle the narrative at your own pace!
  • Unlock Secrets: But! Taking your time to explore and fight will reap you rewards! Unlock special features and spice up your replays!

If this piqued your interest, the pilot episode can be downloaded for free!

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