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Fun Times With the Supernatural!— Cherry Kiss Games Release Ghost Girl Ghussy: XXXL Edition

On October 20th, popular nukige localizer Cherry Kiss Games released their newest game on Steam, Miel’s 2023 title Yomichi de Osotte Kita Kaii ga Bakunyuu Datta node Haramase Niku Onaho ni Shita Ohanashi under the name Ghost Girl Ghussy: XXXL Edition.

Ghost Girl Ghussy is a Miel game from 2023 featuring a scenario written by Arimaki Youta and illustrations from Miel’s most prolific illustrator T-28. The localization features an optional English Dub voice, done by the talented Canadian Vtuber Vexoria.

Tsutako might remind you of Sadako from the “The Ring” series of horror media, but she’s actually a reference to another ghost of Japanese folklore.


Reaching unheard of levels of horniness our protagonist will settle for anything; if it has a hole, that’s the goal! So of course, after hearing the urban legend of a giant ghost girl in his neighborhood our would-be ghost hunter hits the streets searching for this sexy specter!

Bonus: You might discover another ghost girl later in the game!


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