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Robotics;Notes Manga Volume One Released Today

After being released in Japan quite some time ago, the Robotics;Notes manga is finally being localized in English by Udon Entertainment. Robotics;Notes is the third entry of the iconic Science Adventure series, known for titles such as Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head. The series has made use of many different mediums to convey their stories, including visual novels, anime, manga, and even light novels.

Robotics;Notes centers around a boy named Kaito Yashio, and his best friend Akiho Senomiya, as they try to prove to the people around them that robots are great companions to humans, as well as trying to save their robotics club from being disbanded by their vice principal. Akiho, however, is the only one enthusiastic about both things. Kaito simply couldn’t care less, he just wants to play his beloved fighting game, Kill-Ballad.

The title is known for its incredibly strong cast of characters, its inspiring and uplifting themes, along with its kick-ass plot which, while starting slow, soon turns into a conspiracy ridden catastrophe. The manga will follow the same events as the original visual novel, but will visually expand on many things that couldn’t be as easily conveyed without the use of CGs in the VN. With the manga being drawn by Keiji Asakawa, and being published by Udon Entertainment, a company who has published several other SciADV books, it’s safe to say this adaptation will be accurate and faithful to the original vision.

Paperback Copies will be 5.75″ x 8.25″

Right now, you can purchase volume one off of Amazon, with volumes two and three releasing later this year and into early next year, all of which will be for $24.99 (USD). As of now, volumes two and three are open for pre-order. You’ll also be able to find the manga in-store if you wish to purchase it from a book store near you, depending on your location. Volume one contains 356 pages, and you’ll be able to pick it up both physically and digitally.

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