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The Final Entry is Here! — Nightmare x Vampire OUT NOW!

MangaGamer has recently brought out its first major release of October with Nightmare x Vampire: Inferno of Retribution. This is the third entry of the series with both prior releases being officially brought over to the West as well (Nightmare x Sisters in 2022, Nightmare x Onmyoji in 2023.)

Guilty (which primarily focuses on 18+ releases) launched this game under its Nightmare Project brand. The game stars a female vampire who fights demons alongside an exorcist while balancing a high school life. Besides its focus on action, there’s also a massive emphasis on the erotic content. The H-scenes are animated, which just showcases the high production value for this series. This is definitely a must-buy if you enjoy your visual novels to have a slightly darker edge alongside their 18+ content.

If you want to purchase this game, you can buy it on the MangaGamer website for $26.95 (it is currently on discount from its normal price of $29.95).
If you want to purchase the previous entries as well, they are also currently on discount as well here.

Kidzuki Rei is a female student who lost her parents when she was young. Being a grandchild of a Romanian vampire, Rei inherits only a quarter of a vampire bloodline, so she looks and lives a normal life like anyone else. She always keeps a wooden sword which belonged to her late father, a swordsman master, by her side to serve as her father's memento and to hone her skill in order to eradicate her parents' enemy, the demons.

Upon learning the information about demons, Rei transfers to a certain school where she meets a female student there. The student's name is Shindou Setsuna who defeats demons like Rei but as an exorcist. However, Rei and Setsuna don't get along due to their different natures.

Even so, they recognize each other's abilities while fighting against the demons and the became closer. Along with Setsuna, Rei starts to open her heart up for Yuka (Setsuna's older sister) and Touma (the sisters' childhood friend) as they work with each other.

Sadly, what awaits Rei is seemingly unending hell of pleasure...

Kizuki Rei

A 2nd Year Student and granddaughter of a Romanian vampire.

Having lost her parents at a young age, she was passed around between various relatives before setting out on her own. Being the type who doesn’t let her emotions show, people often say she’s hard to read. Her penchant for silence doesn’t help with this impression.

Having eventually discovered that demons were involved in her parents’ deaths, she has since traveled the country in search of information. The wooden sword she carries is a memento of her father, who was a master swordsman, and it never leaves her side. Her vampire blood is quite weak, and while it has no effect on her day-to-day life, she has a tendency to avoid direct sunlight. Perhaps surprisingly, she has quite the sweet tooth.

Shindou Setsuna

A second-year high school student.

She transferred to this school a bit before Rei did, but they find themselves sharing a dorm room just the same. She’s always bright and chipper, gets along easily with people, and also opens up quickly to almost anyone.

Her physical skills are sharp, as she’s been training in martial arts from a young age. While she appears to be a normal schoolgirl, she is actually an exorcist, having previously used her fighting skills to defeat many demons.

She has overcome many unspeakable ordeals, and continues to fight to the best of her ability.

Shindou Yuuka

Setsuna’s older sister.

Aside from her duties as a Sister of the church, she is an exorcist like Setsuna. While her demeanor is gentle, even motherly, her power as an exorcist is unrivaled, having previously banished numerous demons.

Unlike her sister, she isn’t the sporty type, and fights by channeling her inner spiritual energy into ranged attacks. Yuka too has suffered many times at the hands of the demons, but continues to fight for the good of mankind.

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The Bread
The Bread
7 months ago

Well it’s not like it’s the final game, the main girls never learn, meaning at least two more games after this.