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Träumendes Mädchen releases Chronotopia: Second Skin on Steam & Itchio

Today, the French studio Träumendes Mädchen releases their newest title Chronotopia: Second Skin on Steam. This is going to be the 7th title of this indie development team. The game was initially written in French, but will be made available with an English translation.

It will cost $24.50. It doesn’t contain any explicit content.

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Träumendes Mädchen is a French team founded in 2012 with their first title Being Beauteous. They released multiple titles under their Indie group identity and started incorporating by 2015 as a commercial for-profit company.

Chronotopia was first announced for Kickstarter in 2016 and was able to successfully collect $14.524 from 224 total backers. Throughout the years, they released two demos: one in 2016 for launch of the Kickstarter and the second in August 2018. The Beta test version for Kickstarter backers only followed in December 2022, and now it’s time for the full Steam & Itchio release!

Kickstarter backers have the perk of receiving an exclusive physical edition as a Deluxe ($60) and a Regular version ($45). The Deluxe contains the OST collection of the game.

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When her father, driven mad by years of grief, suddenly decided to force her into marrying him, Princess Kionna enlisted the help of her childhood friend. Together, they managed to contact her long-lost fairy godmother.

Surely, her powers would save her from this hellish fate. Kionna would be able to escape the castle, a prince charming would find her, and they would live happily ever after. Alas, magic can only do so much. Things keep spinning out of control. Trapped in an endless nightmare, the princess ceaselessly rewinds time in a race with death itself.

Is a happy ending truly waiting for her at the end of the tunnel? Page


The young princess of the Donkeyskin’s tale. She’s innocent and smart but also quite haughty, due to her education. Being dependent on Nahima, she’s utterly lost when she suddenly has to find a way out of the castle by herself.


Kionna’s best friend and confident, she’s always there to take care of her. But she finds herself powerless to help the one she loves the most. Slowly but surely, she can feel the girl drifting apart from her…

The Fairy

Rumored to be Kionna’s Godmother, the Fairy is quite the mystery. She agrees to help the young girl at a condition: to be able to receive her powers, the princess has to pay a price -the Fairies’ tribute. Will she be willing to trust such an unnatural being?


A mysterious girl you met in Purgatory. Her duty is to guide wavering Shadows in the collection of the memories of their past life. With this goal in mind, she uses her powers to take them to lost worlds – the uchronia. What could she have planned for you?

  • A captivating plot full of unexpected twists and existential dread
  • Over 200 000 words of content with multiple endings (20-30 hours of playtime)
  • 2 GxG (Nahima and Médeia) and 1 GxB (the “Prince”) romances can be chosen at the end of Kionna’s journey
  • Unlockable archives connecting the story to real-life European folklore
  • Several gameplay phases to experience the semi-realistic medieval world in a different light
  • Beautiful artwork, with animated backgrounds and special stained-glass illustrations
  • Frequent use of cinematic shots to make the reading more immersive
  • full original soundtrack with celtic influences
  • Available in both English and French!
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