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True Colours NOW AVAILABLE on Steam and Itchio

On October 4th, developer and publisher Borealis released their second project titled True Colours. You can get it now on Steam and Itchio for $13.99.

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The VN aims to have a more horror-oriented tone to fit with the spooky month release, as well as attempt VN horror in a different manner, compared to 2017’s Doki Doki Literature Club.

Tired of the same old daily routine? Our protagonist knows that feel all too well. Working a boring office job and living alone, life is starting to feel like a merry-go-round that's had a few too many spins... until today!

When three new hires join the team, a sudden burst of excitement arrives! They're cute (oh no, he's hot!), they're single (it helps) and they're ready for romance! Get to know your new trainees, go on dates, and learn their innermost secrets! But what will you find once you dive deep? Will you like what you see underneath? Who can be trusted? How will you feel once you see their... True Colours?

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The Visual novel sports 3 love interests: one male, female, and non-binary.
The game also includes an androgynous protagonist with a customizable name to help the reader self-insert themselves into the story!

Stay tuned for our full review, which will be out this month!

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