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A Tale of Two Sisters by Curious Fox Productions out on!

Curious Fox Productions‘ visual novel A Tale of Two Sisters is now available on Released last November 16th, it is available to purchase at a price of mere $3.

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A Tale of Two Sisters is the first game by newly-formed indie group Curious Fox Productions. The group consists of writer/programmer Destiny, composer ictvbm, and artists Sterki Herz and Lab-Gr0wn-Lambs. The group submitted A Tale of Two Sisters as their entry for the Once Upon A Time VN Jam, a game jam that makes use of fairy tale themes. The jam started in October and will last until January 3rd. According to the jam’s rules, submissions should use themes related to fairy tales, whether it be a rewriting of a previously existing one or a metafictional story referencing them.

People interested in Curious Fox Productions’ other works can follow their page for more information.


When a massive storyquake shakes up a classic tale, you are tasked with going into the story to identify it and put things right before it settles and changes forever. You soon find yourself interacting with adoptive sisters Sadie and Dani as they have a quiet night in, skipping their senior prom.

As the night progresses, you must investigate your suspicions without putting a target on your own back as you work to put things right…but, once you know the full story, you may realize that change can be a good thing.


  • ~ 30,000 words;
  • Eight Endings ;
  • Four unlockable pieces of art;
  • Original Soundtrack.
  • Voice acting

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