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Hira Hira Hihiru now out! — Impressions on Setoguchi’s Newest Work

ANIPLEX.EXE, the visual novel division of the anime giant Aniplex, has released their new game, Hira Hira Hihiru yesterday, November 16. This is the second work from newcomer BA-KU, a studio whose first game, BLACK SHEEP TOWN, debuted last year.

The legendary Teratani Tomomi is the composer for the game. His past works include the OSTs for several visual novels, including Cartagra, Kara no Shoujo, and Collar x Malice.

Header image of a Taishou era town with the text HiraHiraHihiri overlayed


They're all perfectly normal human beings.
The world you are about to enter is one in which the dead come back to life.

It is a phenomena which has occurred since time immemorial. But these unlucky individuals do not return as the person they once were. They rise from the grave with depleted cognition, memory, and awareness. Their bodies, stripped of all regenerative abilities, slowly rot away.

In Japan, those with this affliction are known as "hihiru." Though once revered as holy beings, over time they have come to be shunned and reviled by society. Eventually, however, their condition was recognized as a medical issue, and given the name Aerodema.

Now, at the dawn of the Taishou Era, Dr. Katori Shuuhei is conducting field studies in an effort to improve living conditions and support systems for Aerodema patients. Given how slowly they have developed in Japan compared to other nations, it is an uphill battle he fights.

It is through the eyes of two men that this story will unfold: Chigusa Masamitsu, a young doctor assisting with these studies, and Tenma Takeo, a student to whom Aerodema has only been a distant problem until now. Watch how these men grapple with Aerodema as it twists itself into their lives...

Ren’ya Setoguchi, whose credits include CARNIVAL, SWAN SONG, KIRA☆KIRA, and the aforementioned BLACK SHEEP TOWN, is in charge of the scenario. He is known for his dark and sorrowful scripts, and Hira Hira Hihiru is likely to be within the same vein, given that the game’s mature content includes violence, mental symptoms, bodily injury, and self-harm.


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The game is out now! You can purchase it now on Steam for $22.49 with the 10% discount applied.

A demo is available now on Hira Hira Hihiru‘s official Steam page!

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