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Japanese Adult Game Platform DLsite is Now Blocking Germany

On November 2, 2023, DLsite started blocking users from Germany. German users who attempted to access DLsite encountered a “403 ERROR: The request could not be satisfied” message.

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Error message when accessing DLsite from Germany

A few days later, the DLsite English support Discord server provided some information about the block. The contents of this message are now pinned inside their #tech-support channel and constantly updated with new information.

  • The block was initiated by DLsite.
  • They were forced to inititate the block.
  • The block was initiated due to content on the store
  • The situation is similar to what happend with DLsite and Russia in 2018.
  • The block is not related to missing age verification on the store front.
  • The block is unlikely to be related to the newly added German interface on DLsite.

Furthermore DLsite staff also stated that they are working on a solution and restoring access to existing customer libraries.

However, the current situation for existing customers is unclear. If you are still logged in, you can access DLsite Play and view your library, but logging in or downloading from DLsite Play will result in the same 403 error. In order to access DLsite and DLsite Play German users will now be required to use a VPN with server locations outside of Germany.

In addition to blocking Germany from accessing DLsite, Google has also removed the URL from search results in Germany. This means that German users will no longer be able to find DLsite through Google Search. You can find the Lumen Database entry under the following URL: Lumen Database.

Message when searching for DLsite on Google with a German IP

This block of DLsite for German users means that they are now restricted from accessing DMM and DLsite altogether, and cannot access adult-only games on Steam and GOG.

DLsite representatives also stated that not all hope is lost and that they’re still working actively on finding a solution to the issue at hand.

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Perry Como
4 months ago

A mysterious message coming from nowhere…