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Psychological Yuri Thriller in a Spanish Setting?—House of Chavez Kickstarter Campaign Launched

The Italian indie developer WinterWolves Games has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for their newest psychological thriller yuri title called House of Chavez. It’s asking for around $7500 with stretch goals up to $10000.


Take on the role of Adriana, a twenty-one-year-old Texan grappling with the recent loss of her mother. Accompanied by her brother Bruno, they embark on a journey to Europe to explore the house they inherited from their grandmother, Maria Chavez.

Located in a quaint tourist town in Spain, near the border to France, the logical choice would be to sell the property. However, Adriana and Bruno feel a lingering curiosity, wondering why their mother kept them away from the house all these years. It’s as if she had a hidden motive for shielding them from its secrets.

Upon their arrival, Adriana encounters Silke, a former caregiver of Maria Chavez who now works as a waitress in a local pub. Silke holds intimate knowledge of the house, having spent time with their grandmother during her final moments.

The house is dusty and shrouded in mystery, and Adriana will gradually begin to uncover its secrets from years ago. And maybe, she’ll even discover what’s happening there in the present.

Kickstarter page

Character Preview

You’ll be playing as Adriana, who travels to Europe (Spain) with her brother Bruno. There, you’ll encounter Silke, a gorgeous blonde that works as waitress who was present during Maria’s final moments.

Although Maria has passed away, her memories and flashbacks are woven into the narrative. Meet Luciana (nicknamed Lucy by Silke), a library employee and Dolores, who’s currently traveling through Europe. Deal with Sebastian, a persistent individual who is also believed to run some local criminal organizations. Doctor Ramirez oversees the local hospital.

via Kickstarter page

Game Information

While this game is technically a Visual Novel, the Developers are planning to introduce a few Point & Click Adventure elements into the mix. House of Chavez will feature an inventory system where you can store important Items that are needed for story progression. You will also be encouraged to interact with the environment in the game, similar to games like Monkey Island. Your progress is kept with a Clue System, which sounds like a data log.

Winter Wolves are planning to include a few minigames to give the game some added variety. They presented an example via their Kickstarter page. In this one, you’re composing a song with one of the games heroines, Silke. You will get to listen to a song and you’ll have to arrange the lyrics to complement the song. The screenshot down below showcases this minigame.

WinterWolves Games has launched a Kickstarter for their newest psychological thriller yuri title called House of Chavez.

The game is set to release on July 24th 2023. There are also plans to include some adult content which would be delivered via an 18+ patch. Some few nude/explicit artworks are already presented on the Kickstarter page.

Where can you support it?

The Campaign is running since a few days, however after a strong start it kinda stagnated and its still missing a chunk to get fully financed. The goal was to get 7000€ ($7500) and backers already committed 6129€ in funding. You wish to be a supporter? Do it here.

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